Carol from HK new to Cologne w/ Working Holiday Visa

Halo everyone! It's Carol from Hong Kong.
I just came to Cologne in early September with working holiday visa. May anyone have ideas on the job searching for non-Deutsch speaking here? And may you know the average rental of room for 2? As I have recently rented a flat for 710Euro per month, but it is very difficult for me to maintain living.
Hope you may have any suggestions on that, thank you so much! :)

Try Air Bus is a company saling air plane products  :)

Hey Carol welcome to :)

Maybe you could try to post an advert in our Jobs in Cologne section so as to find an employment in the field you are looking for.

Kenjee Team

Thank you so much! Have create a post in the Job Ad. :D

Thanks Elena! :)
But seems I have problem browsing the job search of the airbus website, will try other ways to get connected to. Thank you! :)

Hi Carol,
Welcome to Cologne. If you're looking for a job, try oder
To be honest, it really depends on your german skills. But there is plenty of work in Cologne, so you should find something.
According to the flat: Are you looking for flat community or a flat for 2 persons?
The rent for a 2 person flat is usually 600-800 €. If you are looking for cheaper flats, try some areas on the east side of Cologne. But be aware that you will probably need a tram ticket if you are living outside of the centre.

Halo Haegae,

Sorry for the late reply. It is really informative, I have surfed to the websites and found lots of job vacancies there. Although haven't yet receiving any reply from the employer (maybe because of my language deficiency, will keep on look for them. Thank you so much. :)