need help to return to chicago, il

Take a seat.

I'm an American in Roeselare, Belgium with a problem. I'm looking for US citizens to get out of here, fast. My SSN is *** ** ****. I need some help, and I used to have zero friends here. Now (October 19th, 2010) I recognize 4 friendlies.

So, I concluded, only a US citizen will be able to comprehend my story. Please re-direct my efforts as you deem necessary. This call for help has absolutely nothing to do with money, or sex, or anything that's even a little bit off. Right now, I just don't know who to turn to.

I am not in a crisis mode, or anything, and I am not a mental patient, or anything. I don't do drugs, and I don't cheat. I just need to connect to some serious people.

If you're a psychologist, you will understand the following: I've been Stockholmed, in a big way. Help. Help. Help.

Stefaan Meeuws
Marie-Louise Demeesterplein 3 suite 2
8800 Roeselare
mobile 0487 251 813
skype stefaan.meeuws
email stefaan.meeuws[at]
email rsdev[at]

I really don't understand what it is you want from people. offense intended here, but your name is very Flemish, I have certainly never seen an American named "Stefaan." Sorry, but this entire post (which you have posted word-for-word in several other threads) reads very suspiciously.

No offense taken.

What I want from people is .. (deep thought) .. to .. (deeper thought) .. nothing actually.

I need to find one person, one American in Belgium, who takes an interest much like you did, verifies some information, witnesses the reality of my condition at my current so-called address, and then decides to connect me with the right persons in the end to leave this place and to return home.

I was born in Roeselare, Belgium, yes. I lived in the US for about 10 years. Had a fiancee, was about to get married. After 7 years, in those days, you could become a citizen. I did that before I returned to Belgium. When I got here, everyone disregarded my status. Then 9/11 happened, documents were destroyed, the entire planet went haywire, and today I have nothing to prove for my US citizenship but my IL ID Card and my SSN (*** ** ****). And, if you're a cultural anthropologist, one tattoo on the left side of my chest which leaves no doubt. No doubt at all.

But your point is quite valid, it's just that honest and transparent is the only waiy I know how to be, and those are the facts in reality. I never did change my name. But I did change identity twice, both times perfectly legal and both times for good reasons. Again, I never did change my name. My US ID card, on the back, for instance, shows the organ donation information, and is signed by my US fiance in NY, Mss Amber Kim Dewey with parent home in Rochester, NY.

Now you see that I have been Stockholmed. I give enough information to be used against me, if you're a shrewd lawyer. It is a behavior I picked up here. I am deeply ashamed of this, yet I am convinced I have to take this attitude to make any progress. It does not, I repeat it does not imply I am a head-case. I do have ADHD and suffer depression, both of which are properly fixed with the right medication. See? I just did it again.

Provide every single bit of information in one breath. I was taught to answer each and every question posed with "Stefaan Meeuws, *** ** ****". The US Embassy in Brussels has received this on their web, and one way out for me would be to find shelter there. The US Embassy is US soil.

Important: I've never been in trouble with the law. Never had a parking ticket, Never caused anybody any harm. I'm not blacklisted anywhere. No financial problems. Clean as a whistle.

You're not making me beg. Thanks for that. You've read my call for help. Thanks for that, also. I realize how easy it is to ignore things that seem odd on the internet, and I realize we all must be very very wary of all sorts of scams. Allow me to make the point of US citizens being welcome right here were I am now, again.

My address is Marie-Louise Demeesterplein 3 suite 2, 8800 Roeselare. My cell is 0487 251 813. Email is stefaan.meeuws[at], and Skype ID is stefaan.meeuws.

To finish: I am willing and able to undergo rigourous testing and questioning, to answer any and all questions for the purpose of verifying the truth of what I am saying, but only by Americans.

Stefaan Meeuws

I found help at the U.S. Embassy in Brussels. My contact details were jot down, and I expect a communication.

Personal travel advisory for Americans coming to Belgium or travelling through Belgium: register your stay with the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, use their web site.

Personal advise... remove your SSN from any public eye! :) Good luck!

Thanks, will do.
It just illustrated I'm dead serious about being a destitute American in a country that watches U.S. companies flee. I've become destitute and thanks to the U.S. Embassy in Brussels, I am no longer desperate.
So yeah, sure, my SSN is no longer to be mentioned here.

Thanks again,


By far the most interesting post on this forum!

stefaan_meeuws you still have not removed your SSN. Glad to hear the US Embassy helped out.

BTW for any US citizens anywhere in the world, as you enter a country it is always good to notify the embassy, even it is not a 3rd world country. If anything the US does well, it does take care of its citizens abroad as much as possible.

Done, thanks for the heads-up.

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