possibility of a Move to Mauritius - pros/cons

Hi All

just wondering what people's experiences are from living in Mauritius as an expat.

Is it safe? I've heard there is a lot of burglaries and muggings (maybe be false stories)

is there an area where all the western expats stay or are expats spread out?

what is the social side like? nightlife and sports etc.

any help greatly appreciated!!


It would be great to get answers on the question posed. I currently live in Cyprus where I am very happy and well established but I miss my family in South Africa and would love to move closer. I am retired, an active artist and writer and in excellent health. The one thing that bothered me when I read the requirements for settling in Mauritius is the $40,000 that one needs to bring into the country annually. That seems rather high for a single retired person. Any advice on my intentions would be appreciated.

Hello SB14,

i would suggest that you browse the following forums for more information :

> Formalities and procedures in Mauritius (in case you need the details regarding the matter.)

However about the burglaries and muggings, like every other countries, they don't happen on a daily basis, besides you do have some safe areas in the north, like 'Pointe aux Cannoniers', where you are close to the Gym and nightclubs, 10 minutes away from Grand Bay, where it is usually buzzing a night  ;)

I would suggest that you study the article retire in Mauritius in our guide for further information which might procure you with the details needed.

Thank you,
Expat.com Team.

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