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I am new in Riyadh, Looking to join a cricket team. I am available on Friday whole day.


mia3338 wrote:

I am new in Riyadh, Looking to join a cricket team. I am available on Friday whole day.


welcome to riyadh ,
if u r cricket lover like me then you should go to RCA (RIYADH CRICKET ASSOCIATION) grounds,
for more info google it RCA riyadh  .
cheers !


Query is you are hard ball player or tennis ball? If tennis ball, then you will find a lot of places in Riyadh where several matches on in the same ground. I am not sure about now but sometimes ago famous places were Malaz Ground, Eidgah Ground, etc.

If you are a hard ball players, then I can help you. As FL4G mentioned above about RCA, my team is registered with RCA for 8+ years.

Asslam o Alaikum,
                           I am Noman from pakistan 5 months ago i came here in Saudi Arabia and 2 weeks ago i came here in Riyadh.I want to join cricket i am free the day of Friday and Saturday..Thank you!  :)

Do you play Hard Ball or Tennis ball?

I had play hard ball matches and also tapeball but i like most tapeball.

If you have any place or chance for hard ball then also well and good.

For tape ball, the peak season is just arriving. Throughout Ramadan, you will find a lot of tape ball cricket on daily basis after Isha.

For hard ball, this is off-season. New season of Hard ball cricket starts after Eid and ends before Ramadan.

As mentioned in earlier posts, I have been playing Hard Ball Cricket in Riyadh for 8+ years with a very well-known club. Contact me immediately after Eid and I would arrange a team for you.

How can i participate in tennisball ? I want to play i want to be  part of any team..

Go to grounds like Malaz stadium, Eidgah. Several teams are playing there and a lot of teams are short on players all the times. Ask them and you will find a spot soon.

hi iam new in saudi can i play cricket in holydays pls help

Do you play with hard ball or tape ball ?? Do pm me if you are interested to play hard ball cricket mentioning the speciality you are having !! ;)

I'm interested in playing hard ball. Upper middle order (1 or 2 down)Batsman.

Please contact me on.

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Assalamu Alaikum.......hi.
i am mohammed faizal from Udupi
i will requste for u sir i am join in cricket team plz hellp me..
my contect no ***********

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I am from Pakistan and used to play hard ball and tape ball both. I am looking forward to play both the forms of cricket. If anyone knows about any net practice kindly introduce me so that I can play .

What about hard ball brother?

As Salam Walikum
My Name is Khalid Sultan (Sarwar) working in Riyadh staying in Hara.
I am looking Cricket Players If anybody interested to play Cricket on Friday i have 4 players space in my Cricket Team. Indian, Pakastanior Bangladesh.
Please call  (Sarwar) xxx or (Laiq) xxx
E-Mail - xxx
Thanks & Regards

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Hello dear,
I m living in riyadh and playing cricket as an allrounder since 18 to 20 years. Now I have made my mind started thinking to play Hard ball cricket.
Can you please help me joining some good team. I ll be really looking forward to you. Thanks

Haider Ali Chaudhary

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Send me Private message. I can adjust you in some teams.

thank u so much .. i will call u  on 5th september

Hi , can you help me play with RCA ?


Am also new to Riyadh.. And am also searching for team..
Thank you..

The new season of RCA is going to start from 15th September. So whoever interested, make sure to send me WhatsApp message by 5th Sept max.

To get WhatsApp info, PM me.

I used to play cricket in my college days for my college team with hard ball only.
After college I didnt play too much but now I have full time to spend.
Kindly suggest me some team where I can play full time cricket in riyadh.
I was the opener and slow right arm off spinner.
I want to join some team for tournaments and medium scale professional cricket.
How and where and to whom  can  I contact in riyadh.


I recently moved to Riyadh, I used to play all forms of cricket, I want to start with hard ball in Riyadh. I am a good bowler.



I recently moved to Riyadh and planning to play hard ball cricket in royadh, please let me know if you know any team who is looking for a bowler.


Hey kiran

Plz let me know if you get a team after Ramadhan
Thanks in advance

Me too. I used to play Cricket some time back, both bowling and batting, mostly bowling. I am ready to play cricket during weekend. If you have any team looking for a good bowler please let me know.


This is kiran can u please help to find cricket team? I am a good bowler and decent batsman. I play hardball and tennis but prefer to play for hard ball.



It's been more than one month I am following Riyadh Cricket Association.
I am going every Friday to watch cricket.
I am an opener and right arm off spinner.

If someone know some team kindly let me know

My Watsapp No. ***

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I am new in riyadh and i have been playing cricket with season ball since long time.
interested to join a club for daily/weekly practice/match.
(Only Leather/Season/Hard Ball Cricket Please)

Taher Ahmed

Hi, Are u interested to play hard ball Tahir?

We are looking for Indian (South Karnataka) allrounder Hard Tennis cricket players, who would like to join with our Friday Friends team please call me. 

Team Captain
Mohamed Rafik Master

Hi Mohamed. Could you forward me your details please. I have a colleague in Riyadh who are also in process of setting up a cricket team.

Helo sir i want to any team played

I'm a hardball cricket player and i would like to be part of Riyadh Cricket Association tournaments. anybody can help me to reach any of the professional team?

You can any time, ***

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Hi I would like to play cricket here in Riyadh as I am free for few months please do let me know if you any details or you can help me out I have played for Rajasthan u14 ,19 ! Thanks God bless

I am muneeb    i love to play cricket all kind of tournament ceser  tennis if have any tournament please call me i am free on Wednesday and before 11 am always i am waiting for your reply and also give me some information about when is trial matches for saudi national team

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