Volunteering in Jordan

Hi everyone!
I've posted few months ago about moving to Jordan and he it comes now. I'm travelling there with my husband some time in about a month. I have a short-term assignment with one of the international NGOs and my husband accompanies me, since we're looking for opportunities to start our project in Amman, so he'll be looking at options. I have few questions and would appreciate all replies:
1. My husband is looking for volunteering opportunities, particularly in arts-related orgs. local NGOs, schools. He's graphical designer and will be happy to volunteer for around 1,5 month. If anyone knows any org. that would be interested in hosting him, please PM me.
2. How easy/hard is it to start a non-profit in Jordan? We're not looking for something big, we're targeting vulnerable children, both Jordanian and refugees and it'll be an arts project. But we also want it for profit, because we want the young people we support to fund-raise for themselves. I'm not sure if this kind of an org. might work.
3. How long does it take bureaucratically to start a non-profit, and how much does it cost? I imagine there will be headache with all the registrations in MOPHP and other ministries (I'm just back from Yemen, I know how it is).
4. In long term, we're looking to rent a small space, preferably in the old city. How much will a 2-3 room space cost monthly?
5. Finally, if anyone would like to provide more details on their experience, or agree to help, please PM me.

Thank you!

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Hello Ahmad,
thank you so much for willingness to help. I'll drop you a PM once we're in Amman.

Hi is there any assosiation that I could volontier for helping middle eastern reffugees?

I live in Amman.

@Lucile SERIS

I think you can go to MSF website

They have a project(al mowasah hospital) in Amman / marka.

Or you can go to Zaatari or Azraq camp,