about parmanent family visa in KSA

I heared any person in ecama position is technician and salary is  more than 3000SAR can get parmanet family visa .I am an X-ray technician ,but my ecama written anesthesia technician .my salary more than 4000SAR .last Thursday I went to moi jedda office for my husband permanent family visa but they refuge to give me permanent family visa.also I have seen other girls may be technician didn't get family permanent visa .its mean permanent family visa only for a first class job holder?

I am not sure but perhaps it could be that women are not allowed to sponsor family.
May be other members can help you with the correct information.

I applied for family parmanent visa my application accepted by moi but my passport was expired and they accepted with expired passport number so I have query with that if there any issue with that in MOFA or in etimad? Or how can I cancel my moi application and apply again? please help thank you so much.

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