Moving to HK - Import food/cosmetics/medecines

Hi everyone!

I am preparing our move to HK in a few weeks. But I cant find precise information about what we can bring with us in term of goods:

- food (i.e flour, pasta, chocolate... if everything is closed, unopened?)
- cosmetics (i.e. shampoo, cream, wax hair-removal...)
- medecines, especially natural medecines such as essential oil, natural capsules with seawead...

Maybe someone here could help me with that?

Thank you so much for your inputs! :cheers:

When you say "bring with us", you mean by plane or shipped with your furniture and other goods?

I can do both actually! We will have a container by ship but we can also bring in our luggages more sensible items if there are some...

General food is ok, unless it is raw meat (esp. poultry).
Strong Alcohol (>30°) is limited to one bottle per person, also it is subject to tax and must be declared
Medecine is ok in reasonable quantities. Note that a few number of products that are common in France are forbidden, such as electronic cigarettes (they are illegal in HK)

The list of forbidden goods is for air passengers is available on the HK Customs website. Your cargo shipment is subject to the same restrictions.

Last, I would strongly question why you would want to import any of the goods you mentioned...
You can find all of these in HK.

Thank you very much for those answers :)

We know there is without doubt everything we need in HK but I have some medical issues that requires specific natural treatments so I prefer to bring my products with me if possible.

As far as food is concerned it's more for comfort food from our country ;) Swiss chocolate or some peanut butter jars we brought back from our recent trip in the USA!

So it should be fine!

Thank you very much for yor help!

You're welcome. There is also an excellent chocolate shop that has an astounding selection of Swiss and Belgian chocolate

Enjoy your last weeks in EU and see you soon in HK!

Oh great!! It will be perfect to fight homesickness  ;)

Thank you for the tips and see you in HK  :top:

why do want to get food from home with you as you can buy most stuff from abroad right here in Hong Kong?

You can find a lot but not everything.
Especially if you like to cook, there are some (very) expensive ingredients that you might want to take with you.