Americans getting a visa to enter Russia while working in Riyadh

Hello, forum readers.  Other websites and information points aside, I am searching for advice/details on how to get a visa to enter Russia as a tourist with my American passport while here in Riyadh.  I have about 4.5 weeks before my flight, I will be there for about a week, and I don't know that it matters for me to get a multiple-entry or multiple-year visa to return to Russia in the near future.  For many countries, there are different ways to get tourist visas: the official route and then alternatives like rush visa options from visa services/agents.  What are my options at this point and what do you recommend? I prefer to spend the least amount of money possible, but I am not sure of all the options and factors involved.

Thanks very much for any input.

Hi there,
Just let you know if you have a budget, you'd better head to thailand. Russia is Very expensive to afford even With a high dollar, because they charge with dollars but =to rubles.
In riyadh you got russian consulate, i believe they are the official source to obtain the right information.
but my opinion try countries as belarus, kazakhstan, uzbekistan, lithuania, latvia, estonia. They are the same as russia but small and you have more fun opportunities there.
please dont forget that at the moment russians hate americans for the sanctions emposed  on by foreigners afraid from fenetic russians.
my advice try the baltic states .no viza needed. americans are more than welcome .still cheap.and close to europe.good luck.
its a million dollar advice from an expert.

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