Health insurance for non-eu family member


Can any one tell me the procedures of health insurance card for non-eu family member of Hungarian citizen in order to present it while applying for residence card in Hungary ?

and what about the cost for one year ?
and the ability of online application ?

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muhammed-tal3t :

and what about the cost for one year ? and the ability of online application ?

Maybe this: … insurance/

When I was going through getting my resident permit I used Generalli insurance co.
they have several locations in Budapest, my old location has since moved so you would have to check on line where they moved to.
My husband is a HU citizen so my situation was close to yours I think.I am from the US so had no coverage in the EU to use for immigration.
I had to pay for private health insurance for a year before my papers for a resident permit were together.
It was almost 4 years back but the price wasn't too bad for basic coverage.
it was more of an accident coverage, I paid to see private doctors if needed while I was waiting for my resident permit.
It cost something like $250. or $300. a year for the accident coverage. It was good enough for immigration services. We aksed what sort of coverage I needed at immigration but they would not tell us a thing before hand.
We bought the coverage without even knowing if it would be excepted by immigration or not.
Lucky for us they took it, they just want to see that the HU gov. won't get stuck paying your medical bills if you get hurt and leave the country before you are forced to buy into National health after you are excepted as a resident.
There are allot of people handing out flyers outside the immigration office for Generalli insurance, the insurance man was helpful and sold me a student rate plan.Again the coverage was not really covering much and if I had gotten seriously hurt I would of had to pay even with the coverage for medical. It was good enough for immigration and the insurance co. loves to get money for nothing.
It is hard because immigration gives absolutly no help or hints on where to get coverage or how much you need. At least 4 years ago they didn't help us at all, in fact they made it confusing.
I understand why the gov of HU needs people to cover themselves though. We heard of HU citizens living outside of HU for years and stopping payments into the national health system. They would get ill outside of HU then come over here to get pricey treatments and either die without paying or leave without paying a penny. Now things are much more strict because allot of people abused the system.
Once you are given a resident permit for HU you must pay for national health or risk violating the terms of your permit.
We went into the insurance co. in person and didn't use the internet.

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