Medical insurance for expats in Hungary

Where can I find annual medical insurance for my residence in Hungary with good rates

Thank you

Generali has low rates but they don't cover a thing. most students buy this plan for immigration . Seriously never plan on actually being covered for any issue other then their policy may cover a broken leg on every other odd Tuesday if it's snowing. That's about how the small print goes with them for coverage. You will still need a private doctor for any real medical issues.
My US friend bought their premium package and it was also worthtless.
This is about the lowest rates you can get for insurance.
I bought their cheap plan for my first year in Hungary. Was enough to be legal here but I paid out of pocket to actually see any doctors or dentists.

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Yes I know , I need this medical insurance for my residence in Hungary only it doesn't matter what it can cover and I know I still need a private doctors ☺️

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I'd look into the basic "student" plan with Generali then.

I wonder if its just as acceptable these days to have a contract with a private doctor .

Many of the same doctors that work for the National Health System, Taj, also are available for private patients who pay out of pocket. It may be harder to go into hospital if needed without some sort of insurance or payment plan.
Most all private doctors use the public hospitals for anything serious that comes up that can't be treated in their clinics if they work in a clinic.
I've gone to private doctors after hours inside the public medical centers before.
Years back my husband needed a small hernia operated on. He rang up a private clinic that just did hernias. They told him that because he had a bit of high blood pressure they couldn't take him. They were not set up to risk anything. He went into the public hospital and it was fine, no issues at all with his BP .

Frank Urbaniak wrote:

My wife and I are Canadians, looking to retire in Budapest. What is the best way to get medical coverage in Hungary, specifically for medical emergencies? For example: appendicitis, or stroke

Are you and your wife Hungarian citizens or entitled to be Hungarian citizens?

From your other posting, your wife speaks Hungarian and Romanian. 

Likelihood is that she can obtain Hungarian citizenship, in which case, she can join the state scheme and you could be her dependent if not entitled in your own right.   

From your name, you might be of Polish origin. In which case, maybe you can get a Polish passport and then you can enter HU as well and join the scheme in your own right.

When you get the TAJ-card (health entitlement card), then you'll both be set here in HU  and of course, in the EU as well for emergency care.

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