Israeli spouse- can i automatically be a resident?

Can someone help me please..
I am a Filipino married to an Israeli Jew.
My husband fix our papers in their Ministry of Interior and they approved our papers.
This week, he bought me plane ticket.
I asked him where can i get a "visa", he said i just need to tell the immigration that he went to their Ministry of Interior. And that they can look it in their computer that we have a record, to prove that its true.
I'm confused at the same time worried.. As this is my first time to travel out of my country.
I'm afraid that our immigration here wont believe me if i cant show them a visa.
Will they allow me to pass if i tell them what my husband told me?
As a spouse of Israeli, am i automatically be a resident?
Or still the ministry will decide?
Please help me with this..
Thanks in advance! :)

Hi shashache,

I suggest you to read the Guide Obtaining a work/residency visa as the foreign partner of an Israeli citizen, this might surely be of great help.



Hi Shashache,

I am also married to an Israeli Jew and moved to Israel with my husband in 2013. I have just gone through this whole process and would be happy to help you in any way I can. Please remember that I am not a professional and am just passing on what I learned.

I am a New Zealand citizen and was allowed to enter Israel first of all on a tourist visa, and I didn't have to apply ahead of time, it was given to me when I arrived at Ben Gurion airport. It is important that you find out if Filipino citizens are the same, I believe this is the case, but you should double check with the Israeli embassy closest to you for confirmation.

Firstly, I entered Israel and was granted a 'tourist visa' on arrival, that entitled me to reside in Israel for a period of 3 months, as a tourist only. You MAY NOT work at all with this visa. When you arrive and are granted the tourist visa, a notification is sent to 'Misrad Hapnim' (Ministry of the interior) that you entered the country on xxxx date.

You need to allow enough time for this notification to be sent to Misrad Hapnim and for them to enter you in their system, I think we waited about 2 weeks, and then went to the Misrad Hapnim office in Jerusalem.

You need to call first and find out what day you should come in, and what time. You need to be there before 11:00 to be able to get a place in line, after this time they will not accept any more people. Your husband needs to take his Teudat Zehut (ID card) and hand it in to the immigration officers. They will hold onto the ID card and call you when it is your turn. Be prepared to wait a long time, you could be there for hours. If you go very early in the morning and are waiting in the line outside before the office opens, you have a much higher chance of getting seen quickly.

You will be interviewed together by an immigration officer. You need to make sure you have all the documents required otherwise you will be sent away to obtain them and the whole process will drag out.

You will need (at least, there may be more documents that I was not asked for but you may be because every person's situation is different)

*     A copy of your birth certificate with Apostille
*     A copy of your marraige certificate with Apostille
*     Photocopies of your passport
*     2 x Passport photos (I would take extras!)
*     A police certificate/clearance with Apostille
*     Copies of your husbands Teudat Zehut (ID card)
*     Passport photos for your husband
*     Proof of earnings for your husband e.g. payslips (if he is already working in Israel) or any other evidence that he       has to show that he can support you until you receive a working visa and gain employment
*     Letters from family members to attest that your marraige is genuine. Letters from your husbands family in Israel are especially valuable. They should photocopy their ID card and then attach their letter to it.
*     Photo's of you and your husband together e.g. Wedding photos, photos from vacations taken together
*     Copies of rental/lease agreements and copies of utility bills in both names to show that you have resided together at the same address.
*    Any other proof that you have that your relationship is genuine. Anything you have, no matter how insignificant you may think it is - take it with you!

Do not give the immigration officer your original documents to keep - make sure they take photocopies and give you back the originals.

Once they have all the documentation, they will book you an appointment to come back to be interviewed. We had to wait approximately 10 weeks for our appointment.

When we came back for our interview, my husband was interviewed first, and then me. The officer will ask you questions that are designed to find out if you are telling the truth about your relationship. They will ask questions like 'What is your favourite TV show to watch together?' OR 'What did you do last weekend?'

If you pass this interview you will be granted a unrestricted B1 Work Visa, valid for one year. Once you have this visa you will be able to work in Israel in virtually any job you like, you are not restricted to one particular industry like most B1 visa applicants.

After 1 year you will need to go back to Misrad Hapnim again, and have another interview, which will be very similar to the first one, You should take more photos and proof that you have gathered over the year that shows that your relationship is genuine. All going well you should then be granted an A5 temporary residence visa. This will enable you to get your own Teudat Zehut, and you will be able to apply for health coverage with one of the 4 health plans. After this you will need to come back every year to have your visa extended. Once you have your A5 visa for (5 years I think) you can be granted Israeli citizenship.

In answer to your question: As a spouse of Israeli, am i automatically be a resident?

No - you will not. You MUST apply for the working visa to stay before your tourist visa runs out.
You should be able to come to Israel as a tourist without a visa before you leave but again I would suggest calling the Israeli embassy to check this first.

I hope that this long and rambling reply has been of some help to you! You are more than welcome to ask if you have any questions for me!

Good luck!

Hi alana.js

Toda raba for your reply! :)
My husband also said that we need to attend a interview when i get there. About the process for the interview that is very helpful, thank you! :)
Base on what i read about you.. You are not married yet, before you come to Israel. My case is, am I also on a visa upon arrival? My husband told me i'm on a resident visa..
All the documents you put here, my husband passed it in their Ministry of Interior. He had an appointment there last month. But before that, those documents is already authenticated in their Embassy here in the Philippines.
We Filipino's as a tourist don't need visa going to Israel. And I also asked the embassy before if ever i go as a tourist, will they allow me to stay in that 3 months. They said it's up to the immigration in Ben Gurion when I arrive.
My other question is, do you easily adjust?
Sorry for my english, im not that good..

How are you in Israel Kabayan?