German citizenship

i am german citizen living in USA.
thinking to make aliyah.
wondering if will lose german citizenship if go through the aiyah process.
does anyone have any information>?

Hi josephs2006,

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I hope other members will be able to advise you.

I can't speak for German citizenship specifically, but I know that citizens of other countries don't have to renounce their citizenship when making aliyah (barring some Arab countries). I know plenty, plenty of people here who have two or three passports because they made aliyah or got citizenship through their parents or grandparents. If I had to guess, I'd say it's highly likely you don't have to renounce. Check with the embassy though, just to make sure.

thanks for response. However, for benefit of other German passport holders, i do know that German is very different from most and has its own rules presumably prohibiting dual citizenship except if person was BORN with the other one. That information is online .

However, might be a special arrangemnet fro Aliyah to Israel????

Ah, gotcha. Maybe ask the German embassy in the US since it's a German requirement rather than an Israeli one. You can also check with the Jewish Agency (, the gov't office in charge of aliyah. Or hopefully someone else around here can help...

Good luck!

actually the information is on the website of the german consulate
in israel.
need official permission:)