Info on Kiryat Gat

Anyone able to help with answers to these questions ...

Cost of rental accomadation
o   1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms
o   House vs. Apartment
o   Furnished vs. Unfurnished

Cost of Furniture Rental 
o   1, 2 and 3 Bedrooms

Are there English Speaking Schools
·         K-12 Options and pricing

Thanks in advance

A single bedroom apartment averages at about 2500 ILS.  A three bedroom is closer to 5000 ILS.  A comparable house can be anywhere from twice to thrice that.  Short term rentals are often already furnished.  Anybody renting furniture for a year or more would be advised to simply buy the same items at a lower price.

Kiryat Gat has a variety of educational options.  Both English and Hebrew are common and English is especially popular since the city has a large immigrant population.

Thanks MiaCulpa.

Are you saying that there is an International School in Kiryat Gat? .... A school that teaches in English (not Hebrew) and follows the IB programme or British National Curriculum or something similar? If yes please can you give me a link to the schools website.

I cannot say for certain that there is but I would not be surprised.  Most schools will teach Hebrew as well as English.  I have no direct knowledge of an English only school in Kiryat Gat.  But I can tell you that English, rather than American, curricula may be more difficult to find.  The British were not the most popular people when they left here.

Thanks Major Mia.

People asked the same question on other sites say that there are no international schools in Kiryat Gat. I was hoping that you could prove them to be wrong but it appears that no is no.

I was asking on behalf of a potential Expat not someone making aliyah.

Hello Manlin,

Are you still looking for information on Kiryat Gat? 
Anglos in the area?
Housing in the vicinity?

(We have a lovely two-bedroom house to rent on a veteran mosahv a short 15 min no-hassle commute to Kiryat Gat) by car, also with Intel transport for employees if you work there.) 

Contact me at [email protected] or call me at 972-8-8585672. 

Daniella Ashkenazy

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