Questions about visa papers

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This is my first message on this forum and I really hope someone can give me any useful suggestion.
My boyfriend is Israeli and studying in Milan. We moved in together one year ago here in Italy and he now wishes to continue his studies in Israel for various reasons. I wouldn't mind to live there and I get along very well with his family (I have already been there a lot of times).
I'm trying to find out more about unregistered couples living in israel (yodim betzibur), and I have some questions about the papers the ministry of the interior is requiring to start the process (i'm not jewish). I got to know that you need to have a sufficient amount to be shown wish a bank statement to live on for at least 6 months (since you are not allowed to work whilst the process is still on). Is anyone able to tell me how much this should be? Do I need to have all the documents translated by an official traslator from Italian to Hebrew/English?

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Hey Tiziana,

I wrote up a guide for people that may answer a lot of your questions. … tizen.html

As far as the specific amount for living expenses, I don't think they ever asked for a specific minimum. If your boyfriend's paycheck covers all your expenses month-to-month, then maybe you don't need any savings because he can keep working. If you do have a savings account in another country, it can't hurt to bring your most recent statement to show that you at least have access to those funds if you need them.

Let me know if you need more info.

And I would get any Italian documents into English if not Hebrew. And make sure it's done by someone official, such as the Israeli Embassy in Italy, perhaps. I'm not sure about the translation requirements, because mine were already in English...

Thanks a lot Ben! Actually, my boyfriend will be studying and not working. I have my savings to live there, so I can manage for some months at least so in case I will do as you suggest with the bank statement. As for the documents translated, I have been asking the administration of my townhall if they are able to issue all the documents in English and they said they would do that. In order to be sure that they are ok, I'll probably have them translated in Hebrew by an official translator (it happens I already have contact with one).