Qualification for applying residency visa??

Hello everybody! My name is Jid. Now I live in Bangkok, the metropolis of Thailand but I am considering to move to Israel in late of august this year. My boyfriend and I are undergoing the residency visa. I have already done all the paperwork from my side (police check, marrital status certificate, birth certificate all of them got translated to English and apostilled). My boyfriend got the document I sent him by post and he is going to hand all the document from both sides to the ministry of interior tomorrow. Anyway, After I have been reading about this unmarried partner visa of other countries i.g Australia, UK etc. I am not sure whether I am qualified since those visas there is primary obligation for those who want to apply that they have to live in together for at least 3 years. But my boyfriend and I have never moved in yet. We merely visited each other besides untill now we are just in the relationship for 9 months. I asked my boyfriend many times about this matter and he replied that he had asked the ministry of interior they said that is ok yet I still am worried. I have no ideas if Israeli residency visa has such requirement. Does anyone here know? Or heard about someone else residency visa experience that is similar to mines please please share!! I was searching on net but nothing helps so much. I highly thank you very much in advance )  I am sorry for writing so long!

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You may also take a look at this article > https://www.expat.com/en/guide/middle-east/israel/.

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There's no minimal time requirement you have to live together with your boyfriend before applying for the visa. As long as you can document your relationship (e.g. pictures, letters, emails, etc.) you can apply.

@Hamonie : Thank you for your suggestion :)
@Keyheartlion : Appreciate your kind reply so much. You made me feel relieved after i had googled for infomation but got nothing :)

I am still working on paperwork since my boyfriend told me that there is some problem with the translation of single status certification. The Ministry of Interior in Israel didnt accept the translation because they said it is not clear enough (even though it was apostilled from Thai Consulate and Israel Embassy in Bangkok) that I have never been married. By translating like this " xxx District Office has examined marriage registration and inquired the witnesses; it appears that Miss xxx has never registered her marriage at the Registration Office of xxx District"The Ministry of Interior interpreted that I might have been married but have never registered.
So my boyfriend is sending back the document to Thailand so that I can correct the translation.

That's why I have to go over the long process again!