Finger prints

Hi there, I am married to an Israeli. I am from the USA. I entered with a basic 3 month visitors visa, but we have decided to stay to live here. We received the forms to renew my visa and were told that I needed to get a criminal history record from the States. The FBI website states that I need to send them my finger prints. However, I have no clue where I can get them done here in Israel.
Does anyone know? The closest big city is Hadera, but I can travel.

I would say ask at your local office of interior, I think I noticed some fingerprint looking machine there when I went for my visa change :)

Failing that, your embassy will have to have one because of biometric visas and passports (I know the UK one definitely has).

Hope this helps, things were easier in the UK for me


Hi there I read your post about finger prints, Im in the same situation, did you find a way to get your fbi check done ?

The Embassy has the appropriate fingerprint cards. they will also expedite the application for the background check for you.

Hi there,
There are only 2 people in all of Israel qualified to take fingerprints. The Embassy can not help you and is stated on their website. I found this information on the US Embassy Tel Aviv Website. We used Mark. He was fantastic.
Please be aware that when you get your paperwork from the FBI, you will need to return it to be apostilled. Every piece of official document must be apostilled for your visa application. Also, if you are married Female you will have to get a record stating you were single before your current marriage. You can obtain this from the county you were married in.

If you need fingerprints, one option is to contact a private investigator. The U.S. Embassy is aware of two investigators who can provide this service: Mark Iankov (054-8097555) and Eitan Newman (054 4401915).

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi! Thank you soo much for that information I just moved here and I am only missing the background check and the single status affidavit. Can you tell me more how you received the single status? what link maybe. Also are you still living in Israel? how is it going soo far I just moved here 4 months ago. Thanks for your help.

Also once you gave them the required paper work did the approve your residency and if so for how long? if you don't mind me asking. Did that help you get into Ulpan?

Hi there!
If you were married in the states, you have to contact the county office you got your marriage license at and ask them to show a record that you never applied for another marriage license from the age of 18-whatever age you got married. If it is another country, they seem to actually supply a certificate stating you were single before this marriage, again I believe from wherever you obtained your marriage license.
Background checks for the US, google FBI background check. Just shows you have no arrests or outstanding warrants. Other countries, I am not sure. However, every paper must be returned to be appostilled.
As far as the rest of the process, you have 4-5 years of yearly interviews and lots and lots of papers to collect. Just be patient. We just had our final interview and are waiting the final decision for permanent residency. Keep bills, open accounts in both your names if possible, take pictures of you together, they need 5-10 every year. If you go on a trip, print out the information.

We are not Jewish, so no ulpan. I got my temporary residency I think after 1 1/2-2 years. I have now been here 6 years, and still have a temporary residency ID card.