New to Murcia, teaching English - Need friends!


I'm Beth. I'm moving to Murcia this fall to teach English at a high school. I have with my my baby girl! We will be phone shopping, piso hunting, and otherwise looking to be immersed into the culture of the area.

We need friends!



Hello Beth   :cheers:

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Hi Beth, how are you?

My name is Jose. I was an expat in Brussels last year and I am already back in Murcia, my hometown, so probably I could help you with the things you mentioned, if you still need it (looking for flat, shopping, immersing into our culture, etc). I could also show you some groups for language exchange, if you are interested in, introducing some friends of mine and even recommend nice places around to visit, including our wonderful beaches of course!

Please count on me for anything you need. We all know how hard (but exciting!) is being an expat at the beginning :)



Hi Beth, are you still in Murcia? How are you getting on? We are hoping to move over next Summer. Danielle

Hi Jose, I saw your post and was hoping you might help me with some info! I used to teach in Madrid, hoping to move to Murcia next year ( we have been on holiday and love it!) do you think there will be much opportunity to work as an English teacher? Danielle

Hello Danielle McK

While waiting for responses I invite you to drop an advert in our Language teacher jobs in Murcia section

Kenjee Team

Hi Danielle, how are you?
Yes indeed, I think there are some opportunities of working here as an English teacher if you are a native speaker (especially considering that our English level in Murcia is not very good! ;) ). You have different ways for teaching, e.g. private lessons, independent school or academy, public school ("colegio público" for us, equivalent to state school if you are from the UK) or even our Official School of Languages ("Escuela Oficial de Idiomas"). You can have a look to the last call for these public jobs, this is the link:

Of course it depends on your personal situation, if you are moving here with your partner and children, you will probably need to find another job, a kindergarten, etc, and plan everything well in advance.

Feel free to mail me if you need more information, ok? And good luck for your new expat-experience! :)


Hi Danielle,
It seems my previous message was incompletely posted or maybe cut by the link. The missing part was greeting you and the beginning of the sentence: Yes indeed, I think there are some opportunities of working here as an English teacher...

I hope the information can help you and feel free to mail me for anything else you need as I said :)