Exchange language in Cartagena

Hi IŽm Alejandro, IŽm 26. IŽm from Cartagena and I wonder if there are english native speakers around here I can have meetings with. Exchange languages are the most useful tool when learning a language if there is a real intention.

I enjoy going for a walk, having a cup of something, staying at home and working with language materials...everything will do in order to learn a little bit more.

if someone is interested:

Un Saludo.

Hi Alejandro,

Welcome to expat-blog!

Feel free to post an advert in the Language Exchange in Murcia section, this might be helpful. :)

Thank you,


Thanks for this advice.
I thought I would find more people here.

see you.

Hi! I shall be moving to Cratagena next month (Im currently in Los Alcazares) and would be interested in starting a kind of conversation class with other people. Would you fancy joining? Send me an email if you want so we can discuss it!
Speak soon ;)