Living in Aguilas teaching English. would love meet up with Expats.

Hi, my name is Lesley and I am living in Aguilas.  Arrived here in July after two years teaching English in Indonesia. I am relaxing for a while before deciding what to do next! Would love to hear from any expats locally!

Welcome Lesley!!  Hardly local, we are 1000 miles to the south west, out in the Atlantic  on the island of El Hierro.

I live in Almeria city, perhaps not too far from you. Love the climate and hope you do too. Never too hot for me if it isn't humid as in England, when the sun does appear.

Thanks for the welcome. Always nice to know there is someone out there listening!

Hello and welcome on board Lesley :cheers:

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Hi Lesley, my partner and I are thinking of coming to live in Aguilas. We'll be there in mid January to look around. If you'd like to meet up for a coffee we would like that. I am a retired teacher and it would be interesting to know what brought you to Aguilas.

Cheers, Roisin


Hello and welcome !

I'am afraid, Lesley hasn't been active for years now.

I would suggest that you open a new thread on the Murcia forum so that active members might share their views with you.

All the best



Thanks, Bhavna. Not sure how this all works and we are not there yet so I'll give it a while to investigate. Do you enjoy the area and the teaching? I am an retired teacher and have thought maybe I could do a bit of English teaching one day. Thanks again, Freda