British vs american english murcia .WHO CARES??

do you teach english in ? has anyone ever told you they prefer an  teacher cause the s really made english the world tongue or has someone told you they prefer british cause they speak better clearer( more clearly) or even correct?
share here your experiences about this funny topic..most americans and british i know think its ridiculous but murcianos have their own biases and concepts a yankee and i employ americans and british teachers and its always funny when someone says " i prefer real british english not that  stuff" then they ask me to be their teacher then discover im american  and speak very well.
or the woman who said if bolvia had the world economy id want a bolivian spanish teacher not  madrid vallodolid. id want bolivian..since boliva has the econimic.power.i told her all roads lead to rome..even a scotish teacher or from sidney should do fine if he she is a profesional not just a native.

Share here your anecdotes about this and of couse your real opinion.i know most most americans can teach first certificate proficiency even b2 but british cant teach toefl.. i dont know why but it is almost always the case.


Interesting inferences there!

I teach French to a UK national, I'am a trilingual-quadralingual professional.

I am Franco-Indian by origin, I speak French, English(UK), Spanish, a smatter of Russian with some Hindi to go along with it, necessarily in that order.

My student, a 60-year-old UK national, speaks the Queen's language with the most impeccable British accent I have ever heard. He gets confused sometimes when I use Americanisms.

That said, it is important to be the perfect professional along with, being a native.

I am better qualified and highly-skilled to do precision work than an ordinary native in French, English and Spanish.
Most natives manage to do beginner's work but I do highly advanced work in these languages.

I totally agree with you, although it is important to know the several dialects and localisms in each language to be a better professional.

English and other international language teaching usually goes with a standardized international version for students. When the student gets the basics and accent right on the dot, it should not be rather difficult to assimilate into the other streams of the language, American or British in this case. That comes through exposure to the language which happens during a stay in the region where the particular accent and dialect is spoken.


I am Dutch and have been teaching English "with a Dutch accent" for several years in Cartagena at Navantia, Abengoa  and Seminis.
My students always appreciated my accent, most people they deal with have the same kind of accent and this way they understand them better.
I am actually a scientist, studied Chemistry and have a Doctorate in Toxicology. I have been teaching English because I needed the job and I love it!
Unfortunately I am unemployed right now.
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