New to Murcia


I have just moved to Murcia and am living in Montepinar but hoping to relocate to the city soon. I don't know anyone in Murcia yet and would love the chance to meet up with other expats. I'm hoping to share a flat in Murcia town with other people my age (20s) so if anyone has any info or advice I would love if they would share.. Also if anyone knows of any Spanish classes on a Friday or Saturday, I'd be grateful if they could let me know. Im wondering about buying a moped here too, what would the price be etc..

If anyone has any info or would like to meet up, Please let me know, I need to make some friends and do some socialising!!!


Hello Evemaria. :)

The Classes section (Language classes) in the Murcia classifieds may help. You can post an advert there.

Concerning the flat share, you can post an advert as well in the Housing in Murcia section.

Thank you,

Hey EveMaria,

I'm moving to Murcia this Sunday (the 23rd) to work as an English teacher too. I don't know anybody else in the city yet either. I'd be happy to meet up when I arrive, if you're still looking to meet some ex-pats like you! I'm 22.

If you're looking to share a flat with say Erasmus students you can use the website, my friend recommended it to me. I think you could also use

A friend of mine lived in Murcia a few years ago and she recommended living near(ish) to la Plaza de Toros, or at least on that side of the river.I'm sure you know more than me anyway as you've already been there a while!

Anyway, I hope that helps, I'm just passing on info from a friend really! Let me know if you want to meet up! :)

Hi Hannah,

Yes that'd be great to meet up when you arrive! I am trying to incorporate myself into the Spanish language and way of life etc but its always nice to talk to someone whos a native English speaker!!

Yea Place de Toros looks quite central, and close to the bus stop I would need to get to for work. I have been looking at those websites you mentioned, I think I really just need to focus and start ringing people, its hard to get an email response!

Have you got accommodation sorted for when you arrive? Do you know if you will be teaching in the centre of town?

Well let me know when you come and are set up, an we can arrange something!

am new to murcia and am in the same boat
a dont live very far from the city .