Spanish 26 years old guy looking for conversation in english-spanish

Hi everyone,

I'm looking for english native person with who i could practise english. Also we can practise spanish at the same time. I will be in La Manga everydays in July. And I will be in Murcia everydays in August.

Hello Javi Romero and welcome to!

I invite you to post an advert in Murcia classifieds, it may help.;)


Hello Javi. I have seen your interest in language exchange. Thus, I thought that you would be interested in visiting the following web site:

We have developed there a very nice community that enjoys improving communication skills in English. There are both English and Spanish native speakers, and also other nationalities.

There exists a well implemented methodology that can help you a lot to raise your English level. If you would be so kind of visiting the site and browse a bit around, you could get a first idea of what I mean.

Afterwards, I would be pleased to give you more details. The best thing is that the system runs on a very low budget, because Toastmasters International is a non-profit organisation.

In the area of communication exchange, this is really the best alternative I know.

Please, tell me about your opinion.
Best regards,

Hello im not in Murcia im in the UK. However i want to practice Spanish so i would like to find a speaker to practice on skype with