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My name is Aoife (pron eefa).  I'm Irish and I live in Cartagena, Murcia. I've been living there since mid-November.  I joined this site as I would really like to make friends in the Cartagena region.  I'm home for Christmas at the moment and I will be back in Cartagena on New Years Eve as I couldn't book a flight for New Years Day.  So if anyone would like to meet up for New Years Eve, I'm available.  I live in the centre of Cartagena.

Hi Aoife ,

Welcome to Expat.com :)

A longer introduction and a few words about your hobbies might me helpful in creating some contacts.

Best of luck,

Expat.com Team

Hello Aoife!

I'm Janice, a Filipina, living here in Cartagena for almost a year. If you are still here in Cartagena, i think it would be perfect for us to meet up since i love to meet new friends too especially the expats. You can count on me, i'm a good person and very friendly. I love outdoor activities like walking around Cartagena as a form of exercise, i love to go to cafeteria etc. You can also meet new friends by going to Spanish class( if you don't speak Spanish yet), and there you can meet any other expats. Even at this moment, i'm still studying Spanish cause life here in Spain is so difficult without learning their language. If you are interested, i'll tell you the school and the address and perhaps i could assist you with the enrollment(don't worry, it is a school managed by the ayuntamiento de Cartagena, so no tuition fee at all).

By the way, we could meet-up for a coffee/ drinks if you like. So here is my mobile number [moderated: avoid your personal num on a public forum]. Just don't hesitate to contact me.

Wish you luck here in Spain.

Un beso,

hello Aoife,

I have been living in Cartagena for 7 years. I know a group of Spanish people meeting regulary with expats to speak in different languages. Would you like to come once to have an idea if you like it?