Potential move to Senica, Slovakia, some advice please

Hi everyone,

I am looking for some advice please. I have been interviewed for a position in Senica, Slovakia and been asked about my salary expectations. I have no real knowledge of the cost of living in Slovakia, (or knowledge of Slovakia in general) so I was hoping someone on here might be able to offer some advice on what would be a decent wage to survive on.

The company have mentioned a figure of about 1,700EURO nett per month. Most of the info that I have found online on Cost of Living is for Bratislava, but I am guessing it is more expensive there than in Senica.

If I was to get the job, I would be moving with my wife and 18month old daughter. Does this wage sound like enough for a small family to survive on?

Any advice on life in Slovakia for a young family would also be appreciated, e.g. schools and hobbies etc.

I have lived abroad for a few years now in various countries, but my wife has not as much experience abroad as me. We moved to Bulgaria at the start of the year and adapted well to living there (and got used to their 'different' ways of doing things) so I think we would adapt relatively easy to any country after what we dealt with there.

Unfortunately we decided to leave Bulgaria due to unpaid wages and are now back in my home in Ireland deciding what to do next, so any advice on the points I've mentioned (cost of living, children, schools etc) would be appreciated...

Making 1700 per month and living in Senica should not be a problem. I know people who are living in Bratislava with a family on less money. You're right, the cost of housing there is less than bratislava. I had a friend who lived in Senica with his family and child, but told me that it was quite boring. But, I'd say it's a quiet place to be with your family and it seems safe. If this is what you're looking for, then go for it.

Thanks for your reply.

I think my initial query about money have been answered, both here and on other forums. Most people seem to think it is a decent wage. We do not live extravagantly at all. I know people's idea of cost of living is largely subjective but we live relatively simply, years of bad wages in Scotland thought us to do this!

Just starting to worry a little about the settling in part now. I think, personally I will be fine because I will be busy at work. But my wife might struggle a bit, with being at home all day, and might struggle to integrate. People on other forums have told us how isolated Senica is, no expats and not many English speakers. Bratislava probably we wouldn't have a problem integrating, but Senica certainly sounds like it could be difficult. We are going out for two days at the beginning of September for a look around, so hopefully we will have a better idea then, and can make a more informed decision.

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