Does anyone know a link to get UK TV free?

I too missed my UK TV, a friend of mine told me about a VPN service you sign up, they gave me a 3 day free trial with the code 'expat3' and you then browse the internet as if you are in the UK, I now regularly log on to IPlayer to watch Eastenders! 

I hope this helps


I've not heard of that one, must be new? If it is I'd be a bit wary of it because the BBC is good at tracking down some of the more static VPNs

This one is very popular and has got a lot of favourable reports, cheap too.

I investigated Strongvpn at the time and decided against it, because I found there website far to complicated and not easy to navigate, also if you wanted to pay monthly it was quite expensive.

I don't know how 'static' expatsurfer is, ive been with them for a few months now and have had no problems, but I suppose if they do get blocked I've only paid for a month at a time!