Hiya :)

I'm an Aussie, been over here a whole 2.5 weeks and loving it.  Have found it incredibly easy to find a place and job which kinda surprised me but now it's just the making friends part. 

My partner is a Kiwi so he's sorted with family here and is sorted in that respect, I don't want to be all "needy" obviously so am now looking at ways of making my own network.

I have read a few posts and will take them on board but does anyone know of a book club in the CBD area or near by?  Any other club suggestions would be gratefully received as well :)

Cheers and look forward to talking to you all


Hi Jennine

Welcome to Auckland!

In the same boat as you .... been in Auckland now for six months having come 'home' with my kiwi hubby.  Have also been looking for social networks / groups to start building up my own set of friends.  Have you tried Meetup?  There are a few Aucklnad and surrounding based groups with a variety of different interests.

Private message me if you're keen to hook up socially at any point - always keen to meet someone new and share 'settling in' experiences :-)