Weekday activities in Auckland

leisure in Auckland
Updated 2023-02-11 19:17

The biggest city in New Zealand always has something to do of an evening. So whether you want a big night out, some romantic couple time, or a family experience, here is a non-exhaustive list of things to do in Auckland during the week.

Fun and games in Auckland

Laser tag, ice skating, indoor rock climbing, escape rooms, 8-ball pool, and more! Auckland is packed with fun evening adventures for anyone.

Highlights include:


You might have to take a short trip to an alley, but tenpin bowling is a classic group activity that is fun for any age and any level of experience.


Indoors or outdoors, there are some cute and quirky mini-golf courses that stay open late on weeknights.


The cinema is always a popular choice for evening entertainment, whether you want the latest blockbuster or an arthouse indie, a luxury experience, or you are on a budget. Often Tuesday or Thursday nights can be discount nights, but this varies from cinema to cinema.


Boardgame cafes are becoming increasingly popular, and Auckland boasts a couple of these establishments; Cakes ‘n' Ladders and Dice and Fork are both open weekday nights.

Open Mic Nights

Whether you want to hear some music or check out the local comedy scene, casual open mic nights often happen during the week at various bars and venues around the city. They tend to be affordable options for an evening of entertainment and, who knows, maybe you'll be tempted to get up there yourself.

Keeping active in Auckland

Casual sports

Netball, touch rugby and football (soccer) are the three most popular casual sports in Auckland. See if your workmates or friends have a social team you could join, or pop into a venue to see if they have a sign-up sheet. Netball and football also have indoor options, so you can play no matter what the weather is like.

Running, walking and cycling

Aucklanders love to walk or bike for fun and exercise. Head out with friends or family, or find a group of like-minded people to join. Take an evening stroll around one of the many reserves and parks around the city that have paved tracks and designated biking lanes.


There are public leisure centers all over the city that have pools to suit any needs. From seasoned swimmers wanting to do some laps to families looking to splash around with their kids, it's a cheap and fun way to keep fit year-round.

Climbing gyms

Bouldering and climbing have really taken off as popular pastimes in the last few years, as gyms make these adventurous activities accessible. Auckland has a number of climbing gyms, including Northern Rocks on the North Shore and the newer Boulder Co.

Sailing lessons

With that beautiful harbor so close, it's no wonder Auckland has a number of sailing schools offering weeknight lessons for those keen to understand the art of sailing. Find a local club near you and start learning the ropes.

Spots for having a drink in Auckland

Pubs and bars

There is nothing quite like having a few drinks with friends, and Auckland has pubs and bars to spare. Grab yourself some pub-grub for dinner with a few drinks, or hit the bar to share a bowl of hot chips (fries) with some mates and have a few find Kiwi-made wines or beers.


While Fridays and Saturdays are the big nights for clubbing, there are always plenty of places to grab some drinks and hit the dance floor on a weeknight. Downtown CBD is known as the waterfront, and you can always find a club where you can strut your stuff.

Pub quizzes

Bars and pubs all over Auckland hold free weekly pub quizzes, usually on a Tuesday or Thursday. Grab your smartest mates, think of a clever team name, and see if you can beat out the others to claim the quiz champ title.

Where to grab a bite in Auckland


There are so many restaurants in Auckland; it can be hard to choose a favorite. Pick a type of cuisine, type it into Google, and see what's nearby. Family-friendly, romantic dinner for two, or a group of mates, you can always find some tasty food in the suitable price range for you.

Night markets

On different nights of the week, in parking lots across Auckland, you will find a range of stalls selling food of every kind at the night markets. Churros, dumplings, noodles, and even deep-fried spiraled potato on a stick, the night markets are a popular and delicious way to spend an evening.

Popular classes in Auckland


Search for night classes at a university, high school, or specialized schools, some of which offer national certifications in all sorts of useful skills. Whether you want to learn a new language or learn to make furniture, you can find something for you.

Dance and drama

If you want to extend yourself a little, find a dance studio that will offer classes for any age in almost any style you can think of. If you are more of a talker, try acting or improv classes at one of the many theatres and acting schools.

Martial arts

Keep fit and learn new skills by enrolling in a martial arts school. Karate, taekwondo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, or whatever else may take your fancy, you can find a dojo near you.

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