Sports and fitness in Auckland

water sports in Auckland
Updated 2019-10-14 13:12

Kiwis all over the country absolutely love sports and staying fit, and Auckland is no exception. Anywhere you decide to make your home, you will be able to find a match to watch, a game to play, or a place to get fit.

Popular sports in Auckland


Rugby union is the national sport and what people generally mean when they talk about rugby. Winter is full of rugby on TV and rugby chat in the workplace.

The most popular sports team and a centre of national pride is the male rugby union team, the All Blacks. The female team, the Black Ferns, are finding more popularity as they have become the most successful international union team, winning 90% of test matches. Kiwis also have a soft spot for the male rugby league team, the New Zealand Warriors.


Cricket takes the honour of the second most popular sport with the Black Caps national team being almost as well known as the All Blacks.

There are a few varieties of cricket, the difference being the length of time the games last but all are played in summer. One Day International (ODI) is the most popular form, lasting (you guessed it) one day and often drawing quite a crowd – a great excuse to laze around in the sun with mates for a day.

Football and netball

Football and netball both have massive followings in New Zealand. The national netball team, the Silver Ferns, are a national treasure and well known on the international stage. Most Kiwi football fans will support a team in the English Premier League which has a surprisingly large following down under.

Playing sports in Auckland

If you're looking to play socially, you can find clubs and social teams for rugby union, rugby league, cricket, netball or football Auckland-wide.

For a little difference, the indoor versions of netball and football are fun and fast-paced alternative to the original, and touch rugby is a great version of the game with less of the risk of a full-contact sport. These are also great opportunities to meet people and make friends, especially if your workplace has a social team you could sign up for.

With Auckland being the biggest and most cosmopolitan city in New Zealand, almost every sport you can think of will have a team you can join. From basketball to American football, ping pong to martial arts and even Quidditch, you can find people ready to play across the city.

Watching sports in Auckland

If you are interested in getting to a rugby game, look at the calendar for the main Auckland stadiums – North Harbour, Eden Park, and Mount Smart.

All Blacks tickets can range from NZ$40 to NZ$140, depending on whether you stand or sit, or how good the view will be. For less popular teams, like the Warriors or the Blues, admission will cost NZ$15 to NZ$20.

Eden Park is the place to catch a game of cricket while enjoying a sunny day. Tickets will cost you about NZ$40 to NZ$45 each, but you can grab a group of four to bring that down to less than NZ$35.

Major football games are usually played at North Harbour Stadium. Tickets will cost about NZ$15 to NZ$30 depending on the team you are going to see.

For netball, big games are often played in either the Spark Arena or the Trusts Arena. For a big Silver Ferns game, set aside NZ$40 per adult. For a national league game, you can expect to pay half that.

If you have children to bring along, the general rule of thumb is that tickets are half the price of the adult option, or you can go for a family pass to save even more.

Hitting the gym in Auckland

Gym culture is big in Auckland, and there are hundreds of gyms to choose from. You can choose from a chain or an independent gym, from generalists or those with a specialisation like boxing or Crossfit, and gyms for women only.

The cheapest options are around NZ$10-15/week, many of which are open 24/7. A pricey end, expect around NZ$25-30/week, but, as the price would imply, these options offer a range of classes, equipment and trainers for any needs.

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