permanent residence permit

I have applied for the permanent residence permit some 12 months back and up to now have received no feed back, any suggestions what steps I can take

Where did you apply?.  I am starting the process now...seeing your experience I am not motivated anymore...:(

Where are you from?.  I am from Spain!. 

I wish you could get it soon!

   I would like to know the quickest way to obtain a resident permit to live in Malawi.  Can you assist me please.  Thank you


One can only get permanent residence permit only if they are married to a takes less than 4 months to get it and one has to go to the immigration offices to push for the files to be's best to do it from Lilongwe.otherwise other permits issued to foreigners are temporary residency permit,work permit and the business permit.There is no quickest may ,per se,just submit your complete application,and push the officer.they are friendly people.hope this helps.