Twin pregnancy Lilongwe, best gynae and emergency backup

Hi there.  We are pregnant with twins. We have chosen Dr Gwaza as our Obgyn here in Lilongwe, as we have heard good things. I'm a little worried about the risk of preterm birth (I have some risk factors) and was wondering if any expat ladies had any experience with preterm labour and care with Dr Gwaza at his new clinic? Are their facilities good? I've only been once and was quiet impressed. I'm a little worried about the possibility of getting stuck in infamous Lilongwe traffic, if I do happen to go into preterm labour. we live quiet a distance from the clinic. We do however, live quiet nearby Springfield hospital in area 43. Does anyone have experience with Springfield and their facilities? Just thinking in case of a worse case scenario where I need to get to a hospital asap. Thanks in advance for any advice anyone can provide, I'd really appreciate it 😊

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