Indian Expats in Malawi

Hi ,

I m Indian .Considering a job in Malawi.

Request information such as :
.Working timings and work culture.
.Availibility of routine necessities like grocery,toileteries etc  and  Average Living Expenses for a 4 member Indian family..
Housing and Transport.
.Infrastructure like telephones ,water supply,electricity etc.
.Names of Good schools for Indians.
.Medical care.
.Theatres showing Indian Movies
.Indian Temples ,Gurudwaras etc.
.Indian social life ,cultural programmes and get togethers.
.Life for Indian Housewives like availibility of domestic help ,transport.
.Security issues ,if any  and general precautions to be taken by expats.
.Anything else I missed out.

Thanks so much,

Hi and welcome on the forum Kirti :)

I hope other members will be able to respond to your various and numerous questions ;)

Wish you the best of luck for this new adventure!


I am sure my questions are those which everyone has in mind ,so when I get replies ,everybody else will benefit too.

Pls send mail i will repaly
my id [email protected]
good country

Hello csvk2011,

May be you can share the useful info on the forum itself. Am sure it will be useful for other members as well.


Seems a bit lower than  Kenya .I realised about the viral fevers and malaria while staying in Kenya. Inspite of that ppl enjoyed themselves like hell.

who are KUBAS, are they harmful

Dear !

I think Malawi is a nice country where you can easily adopt their conditions.i have been also working in Malawi.i really love to work in Malawi.
About your questions Like Temples,Transport, Communication and etc etc.. i am sure you wont have any problem about all those issues. the only thing is you have to just careful about Malaria.That is very high there.!
But i am sure you will easily manage there and will happy to being in Malawi.
Wish you all the best and May GOD will help you.

Hi Summy, i am also planning to relocate to Malawi.
i already heard the place is cool and vegetarians too can survive!
Any other inputs u would like to give me b4 i start?

Dear Summy,
          Hoe are you ? hope well...and doing well. I would like to work in malawi. Please guide me how to get job there in Malawi.

your coopration is highly appericiated.

Thanks in Adwance,
Shifat Ali,
[email protected]

Hello shifat.

It would be great if you could tell us which kind of job you're looking for?


Karen :)

Hi Karen,
        How are you ? Hope fine and doing well.
First of all many many thanks for reply my query. I would like to apply for job in Malawi for Logistics Coordinator, warehouse Manager, Purchasing, long with sales and marketing. Previous I worked for MEDEX LTD in Saudi Arabia for 5 years. Then I got an opportunity in Luanda Angola for the post of Warehouse manager in GROUP RIZWAN but unfortunatly because of securuty reasons I cant continue my job there.
I have weel experience in Logistics, Warehouse management, Store keeper, Purchasing and Sales & Marketing. This is my work criteria.
So This is rquest to you if you have any opportunity which I mention over there please contact me Via mail or my contact number.
I will send to you my resume. Please send to your mail ID.

Thanks in Adance
Shifat Ali

Hi Shifat,

I suggest you to post your advert in the Logistics and transport jobs in Malawi, this might be helpful. :)