How has your life changed in Malawi

Hello everyone,

Has your life changed since you moved to Malawi? If so, in what way?

Tell us more about all the changes in your life regarding your family, job, or friends. What about your frame of mind? How would you define your mood?

Leisure activities improve our health and social interactions. How much time do you dedicate to leisure activities and networking nowadays?

Would you say that your standard of living has improved in Malawi? What income differences have you noticed?

On a scale of 0 to 10, tell us how much your expatriation to Malawi has transformed your life (0 = no change, 10 = dramatic change).

We look forward to hearing from you!


Hi, life in Malawi is great, no stress as in the UK, no psoriasis, depression or joint pain due to humid conditions, it makes you feel happy and alive. Here the police leave you alone unless you have been stupid, the people are very happy and friendly, no road rage, no traffic wardens, no poll tax, no government dictatorship...just peaceful people. Choose your friends carefully, I'm being diplomatic... Friends in the UK look at photos of me and say I look ten years younger, and from 1 - 10 I will say a good 8. Corruption is 100 percent and sometimes "handshakes" are expected, it takes time to learn these things.. far better life than UK without a doubt..

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