Do and don't in the Malawi

Are you living in the Malawi? We need you to share your experience of the local customs :)

Is it difficult to adjust to the local customs in the Malawi?

Could you please share with us a list of the do's and don't's in the Malawi?


I wish to relocate to Blantyre, Malawi for some job work. can anybody from malawi or india help me on this decision. whether i decided right or wrong?


well dont critisize the President in public, u cn be arrested for treason

Malawi has one of the most peaceful and helpful culture in Africa. It's cultural intergration from religion to tribal has made the people of Malawi very tolerable when it comes to accepting outsiders. As it a country built via tribal values, majority of the village areas are more blocked off to what we see as normal in the West e.g. homosexuality, not saying hello to your neighbours etc so it is absolutely important that you always say hello when you meet a Malawian and to everyone he/she maybe with, sexual things such as kissing in public are not regular and would therefore be avoided as to a Malawian these are times a man and woman share behind closed doors. swearing isn't a good idea either. In fact just thinking about it, you can check our The Responsible Safari Company (RSC) in google, they have the full do's and don'ts. Hope this helps

Most ladies and gents use african magic to get "mzungus"or any foreigner to woo them,so be careful who you hook up with as many foreigners cry fowls after being 'robbed'

we malawians are very friendly, but even the friendiest people can turn ugly sometimes. there are alot of nigerians posing as malawians, so all tourists be careful. make sure all your visa cards and credit cards are kept on safe heavens.besides, never be alone when you are withdrawing money on the ATMs especially around 6pm in the evening.most common in Blantyre and lilongwe but the tourist destinations like mangochi,salima where the lake is are mostly safe.come visit malawi and i tell you, you will enjoy

I heard somewhere that there is a dress code for Malawi please specify which areas and what is the required dress code!!!

Resnica wrote:

I heard somewhere that there is a dress code for Malawi please specify which areas and what is the required dress code!!!

Hi Resnica,

as far as I know, there is no real dress code in the touristy areas around the lake, but if you venture off into the rural parts dress is more conservative. Eg. wear a dress over your knees. Also Islam is one of the religions of the country and conservative dress in the areas where Muslims live is probably expected.

Can't say I have experienced it for myself yet, im 1 month away from moving to Malawi for atleast 5 months. But I've read on the subject, and it seems pretty logical to me.

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am planning to take up a job in malawi with my son is studying in 7th std in a cbse school.what schooling choices await him in Blantyre?also,hw about the living conditions-costs, would we get groceries , etc?the dos and donts pls?thanks

I am also moving to Malawi within the next couple of months!  Any info on housing, do's and don'ts?  etc