International student loan

hello everyone
i'm a tunisian undergraduate student, i plan to move to the US  in the next few months.
my question is this ; i have a US co-signer and i want to get a student loan to study in one of the universities in north carolina, shall i apply to get the loan first or the university first ?  :/
thanks !

Hi, I think you can apply to the school first. They can give you a conditional acceptance letter to attach to your loan application if you explain your situation to them.

I got one of those conditional acceptance letter from New York Film Academy.

Best wishes

university first =]

perfect, thank you so much  :cheers:

emma_1 wrote:

perfect, thank you so much  :cheers:

Good luck!!!

the condition of you obtaining a us  student visa is based on the fact that you can provide personal funding to migrate as a student...asking for a us bank to pay for ur studies show the us embassy that you dont having funds.Your request for a f1 visa will be careful!

Once you're accepted in any school, getting the loan is easy.

us banks dont give loan to foreign students.They are a flight risk!!!

Banks that do student loans do.