Anyone want to apply to MBA?

I am applying for MBA in United State right now. I found a very interesting website,called, to predict my admission rate and pick the ideal school for me!

I am wondering if anyone has used it before? Or any MBA students or graduates could test it for me? Thanks!!!!

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I am an MBA student (graduating in December). I tried to use the website you posted, but I forgot my test scores. When I picked my school (University of Houston-Victoria), I picked it based on cost, accessibility (I wanted to take some online classes), name recognition, and accreditations.

There are a lot of articles online about how to pick the right program for you. I looked at my MBA like an investment. My school was cheaper than the high-dollar schools. In my mind, If I am going to spend 5X as much for a school, then my salary should increase 5X more than it would as a result of the cheaper school. If not, then the expensive school is not worth the extra investment.

In the long-run, where you went to school doesn't matter as much as what you learn. The expensive schools don't have any "super-secret" books that are not available to the discount schools. An MBA only lets you get your foot in the door. After that, the rest depends on your performance, integrity, and networking.

Good luck!

Thank you!I really appreciate your help. And definitely, cost is a big issue of choosing schools. I would like to choose the schools in large cities so it will be easy to find a job.

So how is your MBA courses?

They require a lot of studying. Other than that, they are not too bad. I enjoy the subject matter.

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