Dear Sir /Madam
Elimu TV is one of the up coming Digital TV Channel on Signet platform in
Kenya.The TV plans to broadcast secondary education for out of school youth.

We are looking for companies/Individulas that would partner with us to make their
dream reach out to our target group and Kenyans in general.

Elimu will be the most watched TV channel in the near future as well as
making a very big impact in education by filling a gap for the many Kenyan
children and youth who missed opportunity to transit to secondary school.

With Nairobi migrating to Digital platform, the channel will competitively
stand out among other TV Channels for advertisements and viewership.
I would wish to request your company to partner with us and grow together
Jane Ngima Muthig

I don't think Kenyan TV is very popular in the United States.

The TV is intended for Kenyan out of school youth and East African students that can study using Kenya Syllabus.I am inviting those in the US to investors to invest into the idea.

Sorry let me say that the investors do not have to be in the US per say. Anyone interested in taking forward education agenda as we make money in the process is welcome to be part of this program

So this is a business deal?

You might want to look at this https://www.expat.com/en/business/north-america/usa/

Sounds more like a charity.

Thank you both for the response. I will visit the sight.I started the program because I have an interest for orphans and vulnerable children and in years I have seen so many of them miss opportunities to transit to secondary and others doping out of school.These are our primary target group.
After getting the TV I realized it needed a heavy investment than I had expected and so we registered a company that would attract investors into the TV and manage it from a business perspective.
I am still doing social responsibilities because as the TV take the business line, I am donating TV Screens and Decoders to churches in slums to facilitate access by the youth in these communities.

Last Thursday over 100 people representing Government,partners and stakeholders come to a breakfast meeting to witness the start of learning through Elimu TV. The breakfast was hosted at Elimu TV Studios located along Thika Road. See the photos on Elimutv facebook