I would like to go to the USA for continue my education and live

is here anybody to help me ?

Is this topic related to the NGOs in Texas?

Get accepted to an American school and you are halfway there.

Dear MiaCulpa
thankyou so much for your respons

You are welcome.  You shall have to put forth some effort to make it happen, however.

What you see as green grass out there is not.  Many people want to come to the USA.  Without proper visa it will be very hard for you to get a decent job while you are studying.  If your country has good colleges/universities, I can advise you to say there and come to the US just for a visit.  You are going to lose out on advancement back home.  It takes a long time to get permanent residence unless you have someone to sponsor you.

Good luck.

Which College do you want to go to.? Also, what field of study do you want to pursue? Some schools are better than others in different fields. What kind of climate do you want to live in.
Different parts of America have different kinds of climates. Even some states have different climates. The part of the Pacific Northwest that is west of the Cascade Mountains gets a lot of rain in the Autumn, Winter and early Spring during an average year.

The Pacific Northwest consists of Washington State, Oregon and Idaho and sometimes western Montana. It doesn't snow in Western Washington and Western Oregon usually. If it snows than it lasts for only a couple of days. East of the Cascade Mountains it does snow a lot but it doesn't get as cold as the Midwest and North Eastern States. It is a dry cold east of the mountains.

Washington State University and the University of Washington offer many of the same types of degrees but each school has some degrees that the other doesn't. Washington State University has degrees in Horticulture, and Agricultural Engineering while the University of Washington offers medical degrees. Washington State University offers degrees in Nursing though. If you attend Washington State University than you can also attend classes at the University of Idaho which is 7 miles away across the state border in Moscow. Washington State University is in Pullman, Washington which is surrounded by a lot of wheat fields. Pullman doesn't get as much rain as Seattle but it snows there in the winter. The Pacific Northwest doesn't have poisonous snakes except for the Rattle Snake which only east of the Cascade Mountains.

I don't know if I have confused you.