Raising kids

Walking around NYC nowadays I see too many strange things that young men and women do.  Do you think Cairo would be a better place to raise my 3 young boys?


I think you have already posted this on another forum.
Egypt has all the same social problems as anywhere else - aggravated by rising poverty.
people act crazily in tge street everywhere.

Cairo has rising pollution, a massive drug problem, very very crowded city, no parks / green spaces, theft, fraud, sexual harrassment is rife.
and if you have 3 children - you will need schooling - and to get anything 25% as good as you get at home will cost you a fortune - state schools are the among worst in the world
Add to that rising prices and zero medical care.

why would you want to come.
80% of the population would give anything to be in your shoes in NYC.

Not all Egyptians think this way dear
You completely wrong  and who tell you that 80percent of Egyptian would love to go live in USA
Other thing as you complain about Egypt  and living there
why you still there then
Why you did not live in England instead moving over there to Cairo
Just wondering

Wonder how you like.
I am an expat you are not - this is my choice - I dont have to like everything about where I live.
and as everyone I have my reasons fir being here.

the post above is not complaining - it is the truth unvarnished.
I don't live the usual expat life - I know cairo and the people well.
and I for one am not going to paint a rosy picture with no problems - because this just Isn't true and to do so is not fair.
the decisions they will make are huge ones concerning their families and I wont lie.

all places have their problems and cairo is no exception

I can talk about the problems in the states as well. There are problems everywhere you go nowadays.  How about if we live in a gated community like Madinaty. Schools, sports, schools. Everything you need within a walking distance.


Madinaty - not everything you need in walking distance - I wish.
schooling - very expensive.
if you want to lock your kids away from the world and its experiences / life lessons 

to live here in madinaty and not go out you would die of boredom - you would need drugs to keep you alive!!!

better stay where you are and home educate with 5he door locked.

Just read your link.
if you think that Cairo is safer you ate crazy.
everyone here now has a gun - since the revolution with no idea how to use it.
just because it doesn't make the newspapers that doesn't mean that people here are not killed by guns everyday - the reporting is just different.
do you get the headlines '3 bombs went off in Cairo this morning' where you live?
Or ' 3 students shot dead at protests at Cairo university' headlines every week?
Are you subjected to police / military checkpoints every day?
I could also go on.
also I wouldnt want my boys growing up in this society and learning to disrespect females like they do here

Don't take it personal, but I think it's the for you to leave Egypt ;): from the way you speak about it, I don't think there is anything that you like about it.

Take care and thanks for posting.

Why are you asking, Adam4449, if you don't want an opinion? Biffy made some important remarks like cost of education...

Why should you want to come to Egypt with all this uncertainty? We are already here for whatever reason... But I wouldn't move to Egypt in this time, either. Why not moving to a smalltown somewhere? Way nicer for children...


I appreciate what she wrote and I thanked her . What's the problem if I ask again again.

Thanks Caty.

But let me just say one more thing - my husband is Egyptian but has lived out of Egypt for quite a number of years.
He probably dislikes like living here more than I do.

We have lived through the revolution here - but as Caty said we are already here.
If someone was to offer me the same job today - I wouldn't come.
as for schooling - I also have 3 children - the schooling this last academic year has cost just short of $20,000 (and that is average - not the most expensive)- but I am on an expat. package

Not everything is negative - but it is far far from perfect.

Coming on holiday without the aggravation of daily living is great (we did this for a number of years and had a good time) but living here as anywhere is very different.

It is about time guys
Every thing gonna be ok soon in Egypt I can assume this
Finger cross that would happen in the very near soon

Don't assume anything - very dangerous.

just in the last week there have been 5 bomb attacks / armed attacks in Cairo.  And not just in certain areas - Lebanon square, suez road and 6th october have all seen attacks in the last week.
All on security forces - but they are just lucky no civilians injured.

will it get better we hope!
But right now who can say - no-one can.

Hi Adam :)
what do you mean by strange things ?


@ Adam4449 > Did you choose Cairo to raise your kids finally ?

Thanks for your feedback,

Expat.com team  :cheers:

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