Sending money out of Algeria

How can an Algerian native, residing in Algeria send money to his Canadian spouse?
The Algerian receives a regular salary from an established Algerian service company.

Also,  if he is permitted to move permanently to Canada, how can he take all his savings with him?

It's a very  long and heavy process  to send money using the classical bank system out of Algeria , in fact you need to submit a file at the tax authority and another to the bank . If you are confort with french here's a guide about bank system in Algeria

Yes, there is a way to send money abroad from Algeria. You would send the money online through Western Union. To access their website requires using a VPN which blocks your IP address out of Africa. I would suggest accessing the VPN from the country you plan on sending the money to. This method is only possible with banking accounts outside of Algeria.

Most people are not using banks transfer,to send money abroad, find a person in canada (Algerian)who can give you money in Canada and he will receive his money in Algeria (dinar Algerian)

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@Guest8935 what if you don't have anyone outside the country?


hi what do you need help with?

I want to send money to Thailand from Algeria

@woolmanaubrey714 go to any post office in Algeria and send it via western Union.

@Sam4916 in dinar or you have to have usd cash?