Money Transfer from Algeria

I am from Pakistan. I will be moving to Arzew, Oran for a job. I want to know how can I transfer my savings to my country? Are there any restriction for transferring foriegn exhange out of Algeria? I will apprciate any help in this regards,

I worked  in arzew for 5 years. smal town but quiet one.
for what u need  as algerien we are not allowed to tresfer mony outside the country but for expat  I m not sure. what u have to do  is to cantact the BAE bank ( la banque extérieure  d'Algérie)there is to  agencies  one inside  the industriel zone  the other in the town near Tasili Hotel. u can also  ask BDL bank (banque   de développement local) they have un international systeme colled MONY GRAM also u have  WESTERN UNION   by  Société Général BANk.
if u need any other information u can cantacte me .

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I am going to contact these banks to get further information. One more thing that i will like to know here is what is the income tax rate applicable to expats in Algeria?

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for ur  the income tax rate applicable to expats in algeria realy i have no idea so I suggests u see with your company accountant will give you more information than me.

for income tax it is 35%, you pay 9 % and your company 26 %. Regarding transfert of money, you are allowed to transfert only 60% of your salary after geting resindence and opening bank account.

@zedrek : yes it is true what are you saying. But when we send money via bank , 10000 AD will be equal to 100 euro . But in black market we have to give 14300 AD to get 100 euro . So this is the problem. In additionally when we receive money from outside algeria it is better to go through black market so you will win 43 % more than bank. This is only in algeria , in other countries the difference between black market and bank is only almost 1%

Am an algerian National , Please how do i send money out of Algeria, what are the procedure


If an Algerian can change the money to foreign currency in those sort of places, will he be allowed to send the money through western union to another country??

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i aam from india . you can transfer with bank where you recive salary. must do your company transfer not persinely


for algeria you can not transfer money  with  your company; moneygram;westen union  not posible. send money Algeria to out country but you can out cuntery to send Algeria normal

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for the money transfer from algeria to another country ,it depends on the first contract that u signed with your employer.
for us algerian ,if someone does not have a hard currency in the bank ,he won't receive any dollar or euro for him here in algeria.
so before u come ,please get the real information for this matter.
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Goodday, please i need a contact address of any agent in Algeria  for perfect money  where i can load and transfer money on my perfect money into another account. kindly send me any information into my email  on johnn2k2 at yahoo dot com. thanks

hello i am ebrima am a gambian in algeria i wanted to send money to my people since last month but still to no avail i dont no what to do can you plz help me am begging so that i can send plz my brother need to go back to school

Is there any other way of sending money out of algeria, since western union doesnt send? Coz there iz someone there in annaba wanna send money to m,, we are trying to find out how,, any help plz,, can be advice

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I wanna ask you how you can send money to India.
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Hi gavioslei can I ask you?

Hi i wanna send a gift to my friend in algeria ha cell phone,via dhl anyone know how much texes hell pay to recieve it?thank u

If you are sending a phone they dont need to pay tax you should mark as a gift


Salaam ,can someone plz help me ill be soon going to algeria i need to know wich items are not allowed entry to algeria,hear perfumes and cosmectics make up etc not allowed is it true?its hard one.thanks from now

Wadnur Hi

U can bring makeup, perfume, alcohol, smoke and pretty much everything without problem. I suggest U don't bring excessive amount of cash,though. Good Luck

Thanks alot for reply,but i heard some algeriasn were returning from france and the perfumes ty had with them was nt allowed,and abt staying in hotel as couple i heard ty need marriage certificate is it true?thanks from now

İf U book the hotel in advance and give them precise names  that's not problem and again it depends on the hotel...

I 've never had any problem with Algerian Customs whether perfume or otherwise but  maybe I was lucky, I don't know...  listen to your heart !!

Thanks alot

Thanks alot kaan for your replies it helped me keep calm abt it🙂

No Problem :top:   I've spent half of my life around the world and I know  all the  worries, anxiety  a foreigner can feel...All the best & Cheers.

Thanks alot specially solo female is really a worry for me while i dnt talk french too,just port and english

Your welcome. Have a pleasant trip

Thank u

Hi can anyone suggest best way to send money to algeria?thank u

Best way is by western union

Thanks alot,u know how much is cost to send?ty only charge the person who sends not the one who receives it right?thank u

It cost 10 pounds to send and only the sender gets charged to send the money not the receiver

Thanks alot

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Why?thank u

Hello all I'm new to the Algeria forum so any replies and help is greatly appreciated.

I recently made a sale to a customer in Algeria who paid me via NCB bank 3 weeks ago. Until today, I have yet to receive the payment although the customer did send me the payment form. The sum of payment is about USD15k and its specified in USD.

The customer says it can take up to 4 weeks for payment to clear. My question is does anybody know would a USD payment from Algeria to Vietnam usually take so long to clear? I am supposed to ship out the products but I'm not sure if the payment has been completed.

Thanks again for any clarification which can be provided.