Bank Transfer to Algeria

Hi Guy,

Trust you are fine.

I have transfer some funds to my boyfriend in Algeria through  bank transfer.

I would like to know how much time does it takes for this funds to be credited into his account.

I inquire with my bank, it said 5-10 working days but he still did not receive it.

And he inquires with his bank, and it said a month.

Can someone clarify me on that please

Thank you

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you should have used western union  that's faster and better

tell me the name of the bank and i will  ask

The bank name is Credit Populaire d'Algerie in Draa El Mizaan, Tizou Ouzou

Also  I could not send through western union he wanted to have the funds in euro

then he should have a bank account and that bank account should be open with euro

if he open the bank account with Algerian dinar  the money will automatically  converted into dinar i think

tell your boyfriend to  open a  euro bank account  so that he can receive in euro and the bank transfer usually take about for me 6 days  .

Money transfer is still and issue in Algeria. It may take more than a month to get the money recieved via and IBAN acc. No otherwise, if the money is transfered to a normal acc. No then will be converted automatically to Dinar and then delivered to the client.

What bank are you using?
I just opened an account with society general for euro and was wondering how to get sent euro