Budget hotel near Casablanca (Mohammed V) Airport

Can anybody recommend a budget hotel or guesthouse near Casablanca Airport? I'm struggling to find many options so any recommendations would be great. I don't need anything fancy, just clean and secure! :-)

Not "near" the airport. The 2 hotels that are nearest, the Atlas and its sister hotel have very bad reviews and aren't really budget.

Most people take a train to Casa Voyageurs and either stay at the Ibis (nest door to the station) or the al Walid (opposite). They're more or less the same price, that is 500 to 650 dirhams a room, according to season and availability. Or there's the Hotel Terminus, diagonally left from the station exit, about 200 a night, pretty grim but safe. If you want budget but better, you'd need to take the tramway to Marche Centrale from the station and look for cheap but clean places along rue Leon L'Africain and rue Allal ben Abdellah.

Please get back to me if you need further information. I saw what I assume was your post on TA, but I refuse to post in their forums, so I'm glad I was able to help here.

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