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Hi Rachel how are u doing

Hello Haseeb, This is Rizwan from Pakistan. Brother I am moving to Milan for study in January 2015 and enrolled at university of Cattolica. Can you help me in finding accommodation in close proximity? Thanks in Advance.

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Thank you all for your introduction. :)

If you have any specific questions, please start a new topic on the Italy forum for a better visbility

[at]Rizwan > for your accommodation search, please post an advert in the housing in Italy section. Thank you

Christine team

Hi Petra,
My name is David. I currently live in the United States in Las Vegas.
I want to move to Italy.  I have visited there 4 times before.
I am retired and only receive 1700.00 a month from retirement. Do you think I could afford to live in Italy?
What is the best place to live for that kind of money?
I appreciate any input you can send me.
Thank you!

Hi to all.
My name is Emiliano and I am from Rome, where I currently live.
I am a journalist and a translator, very passionate about traveling and getting in touch with other cultures.
I am always ready for a walk, a coffee, or a glass of wine and I like to socialize with most people, regardless of nationality, age, gender, religious belief or political faith. The only people I wouldn't accept to deal with are racists, sexists, haters in general.

Hello,you are living in Italy? Maybe you know some places where can ir find fruit picking jobs? :)

_sabeee_ :

Hello,you are living in Italy? Maybe you know some places where can ir find fruit picking jobs? :)

Ciao. :)
Fruit picking jobs in november? Uhm... not sure.
In this season it is possible to get hired in the "vendemmia" (the traditional picking of grapes for making wine). The only problem is that these employers usually require you to have some language skills, because in most cases they don't speak anything except Italian.
Also, in most cases they pay miserable sums of money, the work is quite hard, long hours with not much rest, and it only lasts some days. The good part is that you are entitled to eat as much fruits as you like.
But, honestly, if you are looking for a small job, I would suggest you to focus on something else, like for example restaurants and bars, often looking for waiters and waitresses. Or, if you are just looking for any job, babysitting, dog-sitting or ironing is quite easy to find even if you don't speak the local language well.
I hope it can help... and in case you need more details, just let me know and I will try to give you more info.

I have been in Torino for over a month now and loving it. lol. If you are in Torino, you can hook me up for a chat or so exploring the city. Ciao

Rachel26 :

Hi my name's Rachel, I'm from Scotland. I've been living in Milan now for about 10 months, working as a nanny,  I plan to stay until the end of June and then go to uni back home :) loving Milan so far and enjoying learning the language!

I was at Milan on saturday. Would have love to hook up with a member of this great site. Maybe another time , if you dont mind.

Ou,thank you soo much :)

Hi everyone, if anyone is interested in some Italian lessons I have a friend who is offering them one to one or as a group. Please message me if you want some more info on contact details and prices.  Thanks!

Im a  Filipino by origin and still a citizen of the Philippines.  I've worked for 13 years in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of HR-Administration.  I moved to Italy for another 11 years with multiple task of survival.  I've learned to worked as Hairdresser, DOmestic Helper, Janitor, Employee.  Currently, I owned a Hair Salon in the Philippines.

Ar present, I am very interested working at any point of Vietnam for any position it may fits my qualification that would develop both my career and personal advancement.

Hi all, I am Rizwan from Pakistan. I am enrolled at university of Cattolica Milan and moving in Jan, 2015 to Milan. I am looking for a room on single or sharing basis. My budget is 300-400 all inclusive. Can any body help me?

Hi Rachel26 > for classes you should post on the classifieds > classes in Italy section

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Hi jundelos > if you want to move to Vietnam, you should then introduce yourself and post your questions on the Vietnam forum

[at]Rizwan > please post your advert in the housing in Italy section

Thank you

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Thank you.

My name is simone i live in italy m coming from india

I have a carta di soggiorno can i work in switzerland with carta di soggiorno pls reply

Hi I'm new to Lecce and looking to meet other English speaking friends to learn the language and explore this beautiful city! I have spent the last month in Martina Franca now we are living in Lecce. Although my Italian is coming along still just in the infant stage😎 so would love to learn with others in classes or over coffee.

My name is Louise, I'm Belgian, and currently living in Italy. I'm working as a textile designer in a small city half an hour from Milano and am looking for people to hang out with :)
I love my job, but there is really not much to do in my town..
Lol so if you happened to be in Milan or around Milan, I will be happy to meet you!

Ciao, myself Amanjot kaur from india... currently live in Italy, lonigo vicenza... I want to do nursing job I had done bachelor of science in nursing 4 and half year degree course in India.. I had also applied for job but not yet response from them...nice to talk to u... have a nice day
.. ciao

Hi amanjot how r u

Hi, m f9 n u?

Ya fine here

Hi. My name is Bev. I am a 64 year old single woman with two dogs. I currently live and work in New York. I am from the South (Louisiana, Tennessee, Florida) but came to New York 15 years ago for a job. I will retire next summer. I have no family ties, so no particular place in the U.S. is meaningful for me to retire to. I visited Italy two summers ago, and have a good friend, a native, there. She is moving to Umbria next spring. I am considering retiring near her. I'm just beginning to think about this possibility, and would appreciate anyone's input on any aspect of moving to and living in Umbria as a US expat.

Hello every body ,
I am Br. Linus Maria Ominyi by name , a
devout Christian in Nigeria.

At present, I am in Nigeria. I am
planning to move  to Milan to
study Italian language. But, I need
to make friends so that it may be
easier for me. Please, did anybody no Italian language school in Milan or around Italy that I can study? I look forward to hear.

hi louise it me Pamela I will come to Italy on 8 November give me your phone number and when arrive I call  you ok I need to work I am a very hard worker ok see you soon god bless

Hello Bev I‘m Fernando living in Naples Italy.I‘m originally from Sri Lanka and if you want any help or advice,actually I would like very much to do it.bye

Hi Bev, my husband and I have lived in Italy 2 different years. This year now and the year 2009. After talking with expats here the biggest issues are medical help, taxation seems something always needs to be paid. Utilities are higher than the US and you need to have contacts it will take a while to make friends with neighbors. Understand and learn the language. I love it here and could stay from April through November but would miss lots from home. Bring non prescription drugs no such thing as cvs or walgreens here only pharmacies with no drug brands you recognize. If you are in great health can stand the test of time to prove friendship and have low expectation of occomodations your good. We spend close to 2500 per month to rent our home standard here. So much beauty and you do need s car.

Thanks for your invitation , my Name is Ruwan,i was working in saudi arabia as sales & technical support for banking ,commercial electronic security solutions  , i'm looking sutable job form Italy ,if please let me know.
Ruwan Chandana

Thanks for your invitation , my Name is Ruwan,i was working in saudi arabia as sales & technical support for banking ,commercial electronic security solutions  , i'm looking sutable job form Italy ,if please let me know.
Ruwan Chandana

hey how are you ?

Thank you very much, Fernando. I appreciate it and will write to you with questions.

Thank you for your honesty and detail! I have to say this scares me off a bit, but that's why I'm on this blog - to hear the realities not the niceties.

I am a university researcher mooving to Mongolia and then to Canada.
I travel with two friends around the world since 1990 for umanitary reasons. I ' de like to spendt some weeks in Uzbekistan.

I am Nyandwi Ndayisenga from BURUNDI,Bujumbura,now i am a refugee student to University in ZIMBABWE,I like studying,working and doing voluntary works,thanks

Hi all, any one from university of Cattolica there?

Hi Everyone,

I'm a Filipino-American and have been in Italy for a few months now. I have been working in the restaurant industry back in the US. Now I want to help my family business of running a group of Italian restaurants and decided to get as much exposure to the culture and cuisine here in Italy.

So far I've been in and around the Florence area. Now I'll be staying in Palermo for a few months. I'm still trying to learn the language. It would be nice to meet some other English speakers here in Sicily.


Paolo (purely coincidental that my name happens to be Italian)

Hello! My name is Ariella and I'm currently living in Milan. I study graphic design at NABA and I'm in need of a job. I love everything from the creative field and when it comes to kids I'm a pro with them since I have 5 small siblings! Some words about myself: I'm kind, reliable and well-educated person with a good sense of humor.

Hi . I am a mixed race Brit travelling in Italy. I have been visiting friends in Milan but they have to work hard this week . So I find myself in North Italy with time and a car . Keen to make new friends and have adventures. Perhaps hot springs . Anyone free ?

Hey all

     my name is John,I'm originally from England.  I've been living in Bologna with my Italian wife for the last 3 yrs. I spent 25 yrs in the construction industry as an electrician when i was in the UK. In that time i made a gradual transition to becoming an artist, mostly custom painting work, using an airbrush.

Now i am a full time artist working for various companies throughout the world. It has also given me the opportunity to from time to time to work for Lamborghini at their prototype development facility on some of the hottest cars on the planet :) It's always great meeting up with fellow Brits if you are in the neighborhood.

Hi my name is Silvia, I recently moved back to Milan after 12 years spent in San Francisco. I am a Yoga instructor and recently opened my studio in central Milano
If you like Yoga or would like to try come visit, beginners are welcome and some classes are in English.
Other than practicing Yoga and perform in theatre I love being Nature.
Take care!

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