New members of the Italy forum, introduce yourself here

Hi all,

Newbie on the Italy forum? Don’t know how to start?

This thread is for you ;)

We invite you to introduce yourself on this topic, to share with us your expat story if you are already living in the country, or to tell us more on your expat projects in Italy if you are planning to move there.

It will enable us to help you better but above all to wish you a warm welcome.

Welcome on board!

I'll start.
Name is Jerryll. I am from Suriname Originally, born in Amsterdam (Netherlands) officially live in Curacao, but reside in Florida  and Houston. (Working for IHMC and NASA) as a robotics scientist. Sadly NASA lost all funding for the robotics program and suddenly had to look for work... again. With my fancy resume I landed several job offers one of which was for a researching position in Genoa.

I would like to make friends, male female animal .. even a plant, that would help me learn the language. I speak several languages and learning a new one should not be very difficult.. especially adding that I do speak Spanish.

Would anyone be interested in helping me learn Italian?



Hi guys!
My name is Rachel, I was born in the UK but I've lived in the states for about ten years. I'm just graduating university and trying my hand at being an Au Pair in a town just outside of Rome, this summer. I'm very excited for this experience but nervous about being lonely with only a five year old for company, so I thought I would join this site and see what it was all about.

Rome is amazing. Try the Chestnut gellato! You will never want to leave Italy! ;)

Thank you! I will definitely try it.

Hi everyone !! My name's Rim, I'm 21 and I'm Moroccan, I currently live in Fez, and I'm in my 4th year of studies at the National School of Business and Management with a specialization in "Financial Management and accounting. "I speak several languages​​: Arabic, French, English and Spanish. Currently, I am looking for an internship in Turin a period of 2 to 3 months, and I really admit that since I visited Milan and Turin, I really liked the two cities to point j I decided I spend my internship in one of them, if I finally found a training course, it is really not easy.
So I'm asking if someone could help me or just point me to know the firms in Turin, I would be very grateful.
Good day everyone.

Hey! I'm 22 and english i can speak a little spanish, would like to pick up some more italian as living in piacenza from march, just a message to see if there is any like minded people out there.x any info on cheap bars would be helpful too!!x

Hi all,

Many thanks for your message, this is Negar, im iranian and im living at Teheran now, i was studying italian language and then in italy i have passed commercial cours at university of Perugia, i was living there for 8 months and since 2006 im working with italian company, we import chemical raw material an industrial machinery,
Io penso che conosco questo paese e mi trovo bene.

Un caro saluto


hello ther. its me shaikh munawaar. nick name luce from pak. i am residence in italy 4 last 30 yrs . i am reetired chef now in wheel chair bcas of stroke and genetic problims . anyway thanx 4 encouraging me. bye hhear u nextime

Hey guys i am new to this forum and visiting milan on 28th feb for Mipel Bag show which starts from 2nd march. Originally i am from india and run export business for leather bags.

Hi there,
I have just joined the Italy and am a bit confused about where to start so here goes!
I am from New Zealand and met my other half when working as a Nurse on cruise ships, we are expecting our first child in a couple of months and then I will be moving to Italy towards the end of the year. 
We will be based in Lerici, Liguria.
Any information or help would be greatly appreciated especially regarding visa's or healthcare...

hi everyone i am a kenyan ,i am studying in the university of camerino.

i will try to write in english, i live in Italy and if you want i can help you.

thank you i need your help

Good morning!
my name is Anna..i'm from Reggio Emilia, and actually i live here. It is a city close to Piacenza.
I love travel and i have a lot of friend around the world: i miss so much speak english with people.. so, if you need any help with anything i'll be here for you!
Good luck!
ciao ciao

Hello, everyone.

I have been home two weeks from my fourth visit to Rome, and the idea that I could actually spend some of my life there is just developing.  I'm pretty excited, but don't know how to start, so here I am.  At the moment, I am thinking of beginning with a six-month stay, at which point my love of Italy and, particularly Roma, will be stoked or extinguished.  My plan is to retire from my teaching job at the end of the next school year, put everything into storage, and get on the plane, but I know there is much more involved with visas, finding a residence, etc.  Finances worry me (and everybody) but it is hard to imagine a place more expensive to live than San Francisco ($2,000/mo. for a one bedroom.)

I would love to hear from anybody who has made this work, and would be willing to share experiences with me. A  simpatico contact or two would be great.

And, I have Bucatini all'Amatriciana down pat.


not so new...been here since last July, but still feel fairly new and foreign, and would love to meet up with some English speaking people, Americans, or really doesn't matter to me..small talk over coffee, and maybe a friendship will evolve..
ah, in Verona, but not a stranger to taking weekend trips to Venice, Milan, etc..
MJ :)

Hey all,

My name's Robby. I'm living in Australia rightnow, but will be travelling to Italia to live for about a year (hopefully) from September 15th (about). I'm a writer and have released my first book: Our Little Every-day. (
My wife and I are wanting to eventually have some property in Italy with our dogs, and have some kids.
I'll be needing a house to rent with a backyard for the dogs so any ideas would be most welcome.


Robby Lyon

Ciao a tutti,

My name is Sam. I am Nigerian with experience in providing aviation logistics support to the Nigerian oil and gas offshore operations.

I am presently on a study leave at the Polytechnic University of Turin. I got here September last year, so I still have 1 year and a few months out here.

I'm learning lingua Italia as this is the "only" way to integrate fully into the system other than the academia; for my landlord's sake as well!

Italy has been an eye opener for me, I've been to cultural set regions but Italy holds its culture quite highly.

Anyways, I'm enjoying the pizza and would love to meet more friends within and around Turin before my time out here is exhausted.

Ciao, Sam

Buon giorno  mi sono appena iscritto al blog perchè mi piace fare amicizia anche con persone di diversa cultura e sicuramente un blog come questo è l'ideale. Tuttavia come ho già scritto mi piacerebbe anche conoscere italiani che condividono il mio stesso interesse verso l'Australia e la cultura australiana. L'Australia mi ha sempre affascinato molto per la natura e  i grandi spazi aperti che trasmettono un grande senso di libertà e benessere, infatti nel 2010 ho realizzato il mio viaggio di nozze proprio in Australia e da quando ho avuto un esperienza diretta di questa grande Nazione, sto considerando un mio trasferimento. In Italia svolgo l'attività di Life Coach e mi piacerebbe trasferire la mia esperienza e le mie competenze professionali in terra australiana.Sono disponibile a condividere esperienze e informazioni con persone che come me, e a vari livelli hanno un interesse verso L'Australia. A presto Dennis

Good day, I just joined the blog because I like to make friends with people of different cultures and definitely a blog like this is ideal. However, as I wrote I'd also like to know Italians who share my same interest it to Australia and Australian culture. Australia has always fascinated me very much for nature and the great outdoors that convey a great sense of freedom and well-being, in fact in 2010 I realized my own honeymoon in Australia and since I had a direct experience of this great nation , I am considering a transfer. In Italy have been working as a Life Coach and I'd like to transfer my experience and my skills in  australian land.I'm willing to share experiences and information with people who are like me, and at various levels have an interest in Australia. Dennis soon

hi julien this is shaikh (luce) from italy orignary from pakistan it will be agreat joy helping u 2  learn italian . bye keep in touch.


My name is Francesca, originally from london but have lived in Italy now for 6 years. I am dual nationality so speak fluent Italan as well as English! I'm a wedding planner working all around Italy but am based in Rome most of the time. I love to meet new people so this seemed like a great idea ... !


Hi All
New to Rome as well, very excited to find out more about the city and start working here.  After living for 6 years in Canada, looking forward to a sunnier climate.


Dear people,

Piacere; my name is Stefano and I am currently living in The Hague / The Netherlands. I've been longing to build up a life in Italy for many years now. Last year I almost succeeded in moving to Turin, but I got cold feet! Aargh... Fortunately the dream is still there and I'm working on and looking for a second chance. I just don't feel at home in The Netherlands, there so much Italy inside me. I'm focussed on moving to Torino (such a great city), Rome or Milano. Hopefully with some kind of job- connection. It's gonna be difficult, but who knows... A second chance is just around the corner. So if there's anybody out there who could help me on my way, you'll be my hero forever!

Cordiali saluti,


Hi guys andl gals! I am Fabio, I am Italian from Milan, and after almost 7 years living abroad I've decided to come back to Milan to be a teacher.
I am currently working as an English Teacher, and am a newly CELTA qualified, therefore my command of English is pretty good lol!
I have worked for more than four years in Dublin in the customer service sector using my French.
Comme je travaille comme enseignant d'anglais j'ai pas vraiment l'opportunité de pratiquer mon français, donc, les franophones, contactez-moi ! On pourrait se faire un apéro aux Navigli ;-)

hey am ebrima base in italy, am orginally from africa. am an english speking. will love to make mre friends who speak english UK, AMERICA, GERMANY, SWEEDEN, and even other national language speakers.

Hi guys m chhabi living in Milan. Originally from Nepal . Speak italian, english

Hi everybody! I am a young student, living in Bologna!
I moved here together with my boyfriend,a nd we are both studying at the moment - I study online, which makes it a bit of a problem to get to meet new people, which is kind of my reason to join this site:)
Sometimes it's just easier to understand understand eachother, when you have experienced some of the same things - like living abroad:)

Hope to find someone else my age living around Bologna!

(Moderated: is not a dating website)

Hi there, i'm currently in Milan for my job for a week, free to meet up at night for a drink :)

I was born in Kyoto, my name is narita keiichi, now live in Genova!My Italian is not very good,Thanking you in advance!

Hey Narita.

How long have you been in Genoa? Do you like it? I will also be there end of May. if you don't mind I would love to ask you a few questions :)

Hi,my name is yetunde ,I school in UK but am from Nigeria,I was call and told that my dad die ,so i have to move back to nigeria,since have been finding a way to move to Italy but i don't know how ,pls i need your help ,you can email me on, yettyola35[at]

Hey Jerryll  !

Yes, I have lived in Genoa, Yes, I like Genoa!I do not know what you want to ask me! :)

Hey, I'm Toni, I currently live in England in a tiny village, I would like the opportunity to move to Italy sometime in the future.. however I would be with my mum, she is disabled but she CAN walk. and also my dog... I'm looking for information on the job market, living costs and all that stuff, but most importantly I'm looking for information about health care as mums on a lot of tablets and we wouldn't be able to afford to but each prescriptions separate so I was wondering like, what is the health care like? is there some sort of benefits she would be able to claim etc? I care for her and love her very much so I wouldn't just abandon her.. So I would like as much information as possible please..

my email is toni.kirkland1[at]

I am looking for facts rather than opinions, but opinions would also be appreciated.. obviously  we haven't completely thought it all through, so that is why i am here

(I got some rather abusive comments on a different forum about my mum being disabled and me wanting to move abroad.. well. it will not be a burden on her at all, she actually wants this more than me.. we want a better life and a fresh start... she more than deserves one and i want to make her happy)

thankyou :)

Hi Toni,

Is there a specific place in Italy you are looking to move to? I would think what you want to know would depend largely on where in Italy you'd be interested in, especially if you are after facts.

As for your mom... I work with disabled people... (paraplegic) people that can no longer walk. We use robotics to provide ambulation. Would be interested to know her condition... as my background could provide references and insight.. maybe she would be interested in knowing something is being done about it :)

No, we hve no idea where, - she has rheumatoid arthritis, ostioporosis and degenerative disk disease.. Like I've said, she can walk it's just difficult, so we woul want somewhere that's not too hard to get around...

Hi, my name is Sharon and I've been living in Milan since last October. I came to study a Masters in Web & Multimedia Design and life here so far has been mostly all work and no play… but it doesn't mean I don't try to get out to play! In those rare moments of free time, I love to check out exhibitions, enjoy good food, good wine, plus hit the dancefloor and Milan is great for all of these things.

I'd love to meet people who share the same interests and don't mind speaking English (warning: my Italian-speaking is 'non é grande').

I'd like to describe all clearly and in few words
Name: NATASHA or NAT (more comfortable to pronounce)
Interests: everything. really everything
Search: INTERESTING PROJECTS in a sphere of my occupation and INTERESTING PEOPLE
Dream-aim: MOVE TO ROME
The most important: EXPERIENCE. I think that it makes person unique.
A bit more about me: IT WAS REALLY A LITTLE BIT. Every person in my opinion is a whole world/

THE MOST IMPORTANT: don't hesitate to write me both about professional and personal matters
Good luck))

Hola! Necesito ayuda para encontrar algún lugar donde vivir en italia. Voy como turista pero en tres meses mas me dan el permiso de quedarme a espera de ciudadania. Somos un matronio con dos niños. Gracias!

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