New members of the Italy forum, introduce yourself here

Hey, My name is Corey! I just got a job for 2015 in Verona and would like to meet some cool people and have some friends to meet up with once I move to Italy!

Hello Diana (bellaciao)
Since I had been living in Varese, I am glad to note that  some one from Varese has joined our community. I may send you a friend request.

Hi there!
My name is Denise, 21 years old currently living in Amsterdam. I love to travel! Last year i worked with orphans in Kenya, This year i will work as aupair in spain or at capri (did not decided yet) If i choose to work in Italy we will be in Sorrento from 28 june to 15 july and from 15 to 15 august at Capri.
Hope to meet lots of people and exchange stories, cultures and languages! I also speak dutch, german and french.

See you soon!

Here i am . James carter living in Gallarate from last week. Anybody here near by . Would like to explore in and around for some time and may be likelyminded horses would turn up.

Dear forum members,

Hi to all of you. My husband and I have retired and decided to move to Italy to write and create. Right now (June, 2014) we are living in Verona, but we are exploring Lucca, Trieste, Parma, and Bergamo as well. Verona seems wonderful, so if any of you are here and have experiences to share, let me know. And if any of you are in those other towns, well...we're coming your way soon!


Hi Amila,


Hi, my name is Rajiv and it's nice to hear that you are moving to Verona I am living in milan 2 hour drive from Verona.

hello Im Fernando,Im a Sri Lankan and I live  about 9 years in Naples Italy.Im married I have a daughter,two months old ENOUGH.

Hello Im Fernando,I live in Naples in Italy.Im married,I have a daughter less than two months and Im a Sri Lankan.Im male alright

hi amila

Oyata reply karanna ba oyage inbox eka full. Mage e-mail eka waradi wenna widiyak na.

M n gallarate.  Next week planning for milano. In anybody would like fancy joining please.

Hello all,

May I remind you that this thread is about presentation of new members? Please do a little introduction on yourself, and do not hesitate to create a new thread for any other subject matter.



Hello! I need help finding a place to live in Italy. I'm going as a tourist but in three months plus give me permission to stay pending citizenship. We are a matronio with two children

Are you living in Rome? Are you from the U.S.?
Do you find it hard living there?
I am from the US. Living in Las Vegas, NV

Hello, I'm Katrina from philippines, i would like to work in italy if it's possible.

I am javanese,Indonesian,I think I need some friends of Indonesian student here to share my foods when I came back from Indonesia,hahahaha.i love cooking a lot,first of all is Indonesian food,Cantonese food  and Thai food(even I am indonesian)
I dont need a friend Who only wants to waste time and make a gossip among us,I have a job and living in Basiglio(Milano 3)
I visit Indonesia twice a year,Singapore and hongkong it's  A MUST!i love traveling from south to north Italy.i love traveling around the world.
Parlo l'italiano,ma veramente difficilissimooooo a rispondere,ho capito tutto ma non ancora riesco a rispondere bene,by the time..i will getting better and better
Ciaoooo,un bacione a tutti :*

hi my is melisa iam currently living in denmark and planning to move in italy

Hello dont you like to explore Naples

Hi, i am Victor from Nigeria as well. I will be in Turin by September God's grace. I will love it if anyone can recommend a cheap hostel or hotel for me. Thanks

Hi, my name is Petra, I was born in the USA but I've lived in Italy for most of my life (my parents are from Italy). I'm a globe trotter and a teacher as well. I would like to contribute to your site with my original contents and guides dedicated to foreigners in Italy for free.

Hi, My name Ryan Atchia, am 23 originated from Mauritius Island. Actually, I live in Milan and would like to find new friends and sure a job in Travel and Tourism Industry. For information I hold 2 University of Cambridge International Examination Certificates GCE-O Level and A-Level and 3 years Experiences in Travel and Tourism Industry including Air Mauritius Ltd and Club Med with job title Travel Agent and Traffic Manager. I should be grateful if i could get information concerning job offers in Milan, Italy and for sure meet new friends..

keep in touch


Hi :D , i'm vincenzo , i'm 22 years old, i'm itlian, i wouyld like to know international and new people. I like so much talk in english, i live in milan and if you want to speak italian or spanish or english you can add me on fb : Vincenzo Fumo VF, however you have to come to milan, there is so much to see, not for tourist beacuse milan is not a touristic place, there are not too many things to see like rome, but there are some nice place to visit, like place for eat, museum, parks, place to dance, to drink but the most important so much shops if you love shopping milan is the best place for shopping, in fact is the most important placce of fashion of italy and once's in the world.
so if you want we can be on contact on facebook :)
bye bye!


My name is Priyank, I am an architect from India. I recently got admission in Politecnico Di Milano. I would be coming to Milan in September. I know good english & hindi. I have heard that architecture of Milan is really good and something to look onto, so I have this one plan to see all good buildings & places in Italy as long as I am there.

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This is /!\ I AM A STUPID SPAMMER /!\. Moved to Milan recently for the summer. Looking to chatting with you all.

Hello Everyone,Destiny brought me to Rome.I have been living here for a year now,since I lost my husband.I have my eldest son and family here,so I am not alone.Rome is a fascinating and beautiful city and it sucks you in and wont let you go!

Hi Guys,
Haseeb here. I am an Engineer by profession and moved to Florence almost 6 months ago.

I was a regular user of during my stay in Bahrain but I think the community isn't too active in Florence. :(

Looking forward to meet new people, socialize and learn Italian.

Ciao! :)

SHAAAAMAAAAAA  Look a here!! An other Java! Introduce her to Mr. Lee!!  FOOOOOOOD!!!

Holy Shit dude, ya dont say.... like NOoooooooooooooo freakin Way YO!!!

Utk mana2 orang dari Indo di Milan boleh kita berkenalan
Saya orang Malaysia, kita boleh bisa bahasa sama2 ya
Selamat datang ke Italy!

Aiiiiight Peace xx


ps. Dude its Mr Lau btw lol

Hi Shama,

In English please.

Armand Team

Hi Ryyan Im Fernando residing in Naples Italy,Im 30 years old and I live here with my wife and daughter Nathasha.If you like to friendly please reply bye.

Reply to Armand
To any Indonesians here lets get to know each other.
We speak the same language.
Welcome to Italy.

Is this the only way/time i get your attention? Lol thts sad man :-)

hello guys .. im sarat from india .. im planning to come to rome for my masters can u guys guide me about monthly expenses there in rome and life in rome :)

Wondering to know where I meet the and tap into more people in the industry in Milano and Lombardy areas (my field is music, fashion, music videos, editorial)
Looking forward to meeting new friends!
El Cuervo Films

Hi guys!! I'm Jonas, originally made in Finland :) Now seeking new places to live and new friends, and hopefully learning Italian! First lived in Florence, but wanted to move by the sea, so now you can find me in Sanremo Ligurian area! Not so many friend here, so is anybody here at this area. I travel aldo a lot to Milan, so there would be also nice to catch up :)
Cheers, Jonas!!

Hello all, my name is Arnold and I just moved to Nembro (close to Bergamo, 1 hour drive from Milan).  I was born in Taiwan but was raised from Chicago, IL USA.  I just moved to Italy because my wife is Italian and we just had our son Gregorio! Anyways, I'm new to this area so if any of you are around here, send me a message!

Hi, everyone!
My name's Maria and I live in Milan (but half American/half Italian and in dire need of meeting expats!!!!  :blink:  )

Anybody out there?


Ciao Marie, benvenuta in Italia, io sono Monica ed insegno italiano agli stranieri, se hai bisogno di aiuto per migliorare l'italiano contattami pure.... Ciao Monica :-)

Hello Monica_C

As you are on the anglophone version of the site could you please write in english only so that members can understand and interact with you? You can also visit the italian version of


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