SADAD, MOI payment refund request

Last year I had paid for a Multiple exit re-entry visa worth SR 500 which I didn't use and instead got a single exit re-entry visa. They just deducted SR 200 from my account for this. I wish to get a refund from the MOI through SADAD for the remaining SR 300 but MOI refund request page on my Saudi Hollandi Bank account is not accepting. I spoke with the bank but they say they cannot help me with this.

I tried to get refund on both single and multiple exit re-entry but its not accepting. Does the refund request have a limit period.?

I also requested SR 4000 refund back for sponsorship transfer which is not showing in MOI portal anymore. How long will it take for me to get the refund in my bank account? Is there any government agency I can approach?

There is section in Jawazat which handles stuff like that. I think you have to visit and find out.

I visited Jawazat office here too but they referred me to the bank again. Do you know the name of the department that handles this procedure?

If you don't use an ERE within the allotted time period, it has to be cancelled, otherwise there is a penalty that must be paid.  That's all I know.  Did you get the MERE cancelled last year.  Refund request page even in my account is not active.  Only jawazat can help you, not the bank.

the MERE was never active, i had just paid the money for it via SADAD. My company used that SR 200 for Single exit re-entry visa.

Which department in Jawazat would be of help. Please let me know.

Aha, so it was never issued.  Well, the bank took your money and transferred it to the government.  Bank says go to jaw, jaw says go to bank.  Welcome to Saudi Arabia!

Do you speak Arabic?  Take an Arab with you, preferably a Saudi to jawazat and sort it out.  They have the money, obviously.  If they say it can only be returned via the bank, go to the bank manager, at their head office.

Good luck.

Sometimes it happens that you pay for fee online for something like transfer of sponsorship, change in profession or driving license but for any reason, if you decide not to go for this service, how will you get the refund of it. Here we shall provide you step by step guide of getting the refund from Ministry of Interior (MOI).

Sir am yesterday payment to  sadad STC biller transatcion is complete but am not received STC wallet what happen how long time to take transaction time STC PAy wallet to add

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