Need to know about working and family visas

i am a sri lankan who has a job offer to work there as a sales supervisor.please be kind enough to answer below mention quitions.
1.What are the documents i should keep ready in my hand to get the visa from employee?
2.My salary is 4500 SAR and is it possible to take my wife and 6 month old kid to take there asap?then how long will it take?what are the documents i should take with me when am flying there to make things faster?
3.Inshallah if i take my family there is my salary would enough to live there?lyk pay rent,etc at least a normal life can i live?

please give me an answer one by one,it will really help me
my email is [Moderated: pls send details in private]


you can live for this money but not sure about savings. It also depends where you are going, if it's Riyadh then tough, if some other small city, it might work.

thnx 4 ur reply.....basically wat is the minimum we shud have to get?tough means will it be soo difucult?if its in jeddah?

seriusly i really wanna know sm things coz alredy i am suffering in my home country  so i dont want again that to happen in my life...

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