Blacklisted in Saudi for unknown reason.

just contact me ..i have sume way

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The employer can not blacklist an employee because its not hand in employer's hand. One can not perform this function from muqeem or through any other portal. Only ministry of interior can blacklist individual and the employer needs to present very strong reason to convince the ministry to blacklist individual

Hi pls. Help me im here work in saudi arabia my problem is i can't be to send money to Philippines cause all money transfer is uppear my iqama is blacklist pls help why blacklist my iqama..

       I want to know if I'm blacklisted coz  I go for amnesty July 2015 I don't have iqama coz my employer did not make iqama for me.

Hi everyone,

I need a help. I went to transfer a car to my name but unfortunately I was not able to do it and ALJ executive said I’m blocked by SIMAH which I don’t understand, can anyone tell how to clear this issue and transfer the car under my iqama. If there is any pending payment left, how to find out exactly what payment is pending ??


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