Kid's Braces

Does anyone know whether dental clinics do kid's braces here? Whereabouts? Any good referrals but not too costly? Thanks


I believe this clinic and have taken my kids to there several times.

You can visit their website:

They have 3 offices with maps. They also listed the price.

And you can make a call to get more detail and for booking as well.


Hi ericdo, thank you. How much did you pay for your kids and was it both upper and lower jaws? Tks

Hi Sploke,

Actually I just only did some simple stuff but not brace for my kids. I visited their office at Phu My Hung and satisfied with their services.

I saw on their website, depends on the situation, the price is from $700 to  $2000 and may be more (both jaws) and the treatment duration is from 12 months to 36 months. You pay 50% at the beginning and then with next payment schedule.

They offer the free checking, evaluating and consulting treatment plan.