I'm French and searching for a Job in Vienna

Hello Dear Blogger,

I'm currently living as expat in Bratislava for one year and a half... and after few trips spent in Vienna, i have decided to move to Vienna for good...

I'm French, fluent in English and looking for a job position over there....

Therefore, if you have any tips, advices, or even support you could give me, that would be just amazing for me...

Here is my email: abossard29[at]orange.fr

Don't hesitate to contact me

Hope to hear soon from you

Bye Alex

Hello Alex. :)

In which sector are you looking for work?
Maybe you could tell us more about your qualifications.

Thank you,

Hello Aurélie, 

      I'm based here in Bratislava for almost 2 years.

      I am currently Account Financial Manager for Johnson Controls, in the Automotive section (our business unit produces car seats for Peugeot Citroen, Renault). I am in charge of controlling the profitability of 3 programs (each program being a specific seat for a specific car)

But before that, here are my studies:

    - I have a Master degree in Finance Audit & Expertise.

    - Bachelor degree in Business from Edinburgh University in Scotland

    - Bachelor degree from the France Business School in Brest, France.

If you have an email address, we can maybe communicate more easily...

What about you? Can i ask you more about what you are doing?

Thank you for your interest :)


Hello Alex.

You should post an advert in the Jobs in Vienna section. It might help.

Good luck in your research.

What about you? Can i ask you more about what you are doing?

I form part of the Expat.com Team. ;)

Thank you,

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